‘Bellevue’ on WGN America

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A new show premieres Tuesday night on our sister network WGN America.

"Bellevue" is a detective drama set in a small Canadian town starring Oscar winner Anna Paquin.

It's billed as a "small town with big secrets" when a star high school hockey star goes missing.

"The show centers around a missing transgender teen in a small mining town, and we find there a bunch of conspiracies and strange relationships with town people," explained Shawn Doyle, who plays police chief Peter Welland.

"Bellevue's" writer grew up in a small town and struggled.

"I think in terms of what it's talking about is what it means to be in a small town and not fit in."

"It's about real people in a small town," Doyle said. "It's focused more on the relationships and the character development that it is even on the mystery even though that's a part of the show it feels true and real. It's about characters that are very real.

"Everyone knows everyone a little too well, and obviously, there's going to be secrets people don't want to talk about, and it all gets stirred up to the surface in Bellevue in this town when the transgender hockey star goes missing," said Oscar winner Anna Paquin, who plays Detective Annie Ryder.

This show first ran in Canada and is now coming to WGN America.

"Not to sound immodest, but people really loved it in Canada," said Paquin. "It's really exciting we get to bring it to a whole new audience."

"Bellevue" premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on WGN America.

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