What a government shutdown means for you

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WASHINGTON — In the final moments leading up to Friday’s midnight deadline, Senate Republicans and Democrats were unable to agree on a stopgap funding measure to continue government services.

So what happens next? Here’s a rundown of what will happen if the government remains shut down.


Thousands of federal employees will be placed on furlough — meaning they won’t report to work Monday. Whoever works for agencies and departments that are considered nonessential, including agencies that pay out small business loans and process passport requests, will cease to work effective immediately until Congress is able to agree on a bill for the federal budget.

The employees in these departments would be placed on “furlough.” In previous shutdowns, everyone who stayed home was paid retroactively after an agreement was reached in Washington.

At the peak of the 2013 government shutdown, about 850,000 employees were furloughed per day, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

White House

The White House said Friday that 1,056 members of the Executive Office of the President would be furloughed, and 659, considered essential, would continue to report to work.

Furloughed staff will still be expected to report to duty on Monday, the White House said in a contingency plan posted to its website Friday. But they can stay for no longer than four hours to engage in “shutdown activities” like setting out-of-office messages or explaining how to carry out functions to colleagues who are not furloughed.


The military is considered essential and will still report for duty. However, the troops — including those in combat — will potentially not be paid during a shutdown.

If the shutdown goes on for weeks, about 1.3 million active-duty military will be expected to work potentially without pay. The military is currently paid through February 1.

In addition, many civilian Department of Defense employees will not be working during the shutdown, including instructors at military academies and maintenance contractors.

Special counsel

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team will continue to operate, a Justice Department spokesperson told CNN.

“All employees with the Special Counsel’s Office are considered exempt and would continue their operations in the case of a lapse in appropriations,” the spokesperson said.

National parks and gun permits

If you had plans for a vacation to visit any national parks, zoos or museums, some of those may be closed.

The popular panda cameras at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington will be turned off, according to a statement from the Smithsonian Institution. Visitors will still be able to visit the National Zoo, as well as Smithsonian museums, over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, the Smithsonian tweeted that its museums, research centers and the National Zoo would be open on Monday and would provide updates as to the future as soon as they knew.

The shutdown will also affect the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, meaning if you wanted a gun permit, you’ll have to wait until the shutdown is over.

TSA, air traffic control and mail services

Essential services, such as Social Security, air traffic control and the Transportation Security Administration, will continue to be funded even if some employees of those agencies are not.

The US Postal Service won’t stop serving residents — you’ll still get your mail.

DC city services

In 2013, the shutdown especially affected residents of Washington. But this time around, Mayor Muriel Bowser vowed that services in the city will continue, unlike last time.

“Washington, DC, is open,” Bowser said in a statement published Friday. “DC government will continue to provide services to our residents, the services they expect and deserve, uninterrupted.”

National Mall

Bowser also said the city plans to help the federal government maintain the National Mall.

“I’ve called on my agencies, where we are able, to step in for the federal government,” she said during the news conference. “The National Mall is operated by the National Park Service, and there are many other National Service Park properties throughout Washington, DC … we will step in and ensure litter and trash are picked up along the National Mall to keep nation’s front yard clean of debris.”


  • Local propaganda

    Here we go! The local propaganda pushing the fake narrative …. it’s the distraction while 5g is being rolled out which equals the complete takeover of humanity, the sheeple won t see it until its too late sadly enough.

  • Cowboy

    Democ-RATS are up to their old stuff attaching BS bills to something that has to be passes to make this country safe again. Let’s get back to the good old days to come into this country, Speak English, Have a Sponsor and Have a JOB! Not here to live off the SYSTEM as the tax has to pay for everything. Give me free health care, pay my bills. I am a Vietnam Veterans and I have to pay taxes to keep Hazleton, Tamaqua and other towns like that so the DREAMERS can have a free ride and destroy or homes and way of life. Stand Fast President Trump! Make America Great Again!

  • trucker

    “will potentially not be paid” is not a fact, it is a talking point.
    No one cares about the fake investigation, unlike the FISA abuse memo and it’s release. Hopefully CNN will grant you permission to cover a story that is bigger then watergate.
    Most quotes are from Browser, who is the mayor of DC.

    • Andre

      He’s the best, the smartest, the least racist,
      No one is less racist than him, simply the best. There’s no one that’s more fair than him, he’s stupendous. Especially if you ask him. Just not the slightest bit humble.


    The Schumer Govt. Shutdown is a FARCE! DACA doesn’t expire until March. They Dont Even Have A DACA Bill To Pass, Yet. The Democrats are trying To Take Attention away From The four Page FISA Memo Being Released.. Stay Alert.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Shall not be infringed.

    Is this going to have to be explained again in the future?

    Folks, I can guarantee you can but a firearms Monday. It’s ran through a PA state police check.

    Fake news.

    • Poonus the second

      Yes Lloyd-
      that’s garbage. …

      QUOTE “The shutdown will also affect the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, meaning if you wanted a gun permit, you’ll have to wait until the shutdown is over.”

      this is CNN fake news… BATF doesn’t give out gun permits, in Pa the local sheriffs dept does…BAFT only violates gun owners rights anyhow, they can stay shut down, as these laws already infringe on people’s right to own arms.

      hey WNEP when are you guys going to cover the FISA spying memo? or are you going to ignore it until people start getting arrested?

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        I’ve been in the market for a new turkey gun.

        Maybe I’ll get one tomorrow and report back how it’s a normal Monday at the local gun shops.

        This is in fact fake news used to promote that a government shut down can in fact affect the 2nd amendment. They’re testing and trying every angle they can.

        Let me give people a hint towards the answer to this test: “The 2nd amendment (and all parts for that matter) stands with or without the government and/or its budgets running.”

        It is divine.

        What’s worse WNEP is that I’ve become ashamed that you are my local news channel.

        I grew up watching this station.

        Grew up trusting this station.

        But I gotta tell you, over the past 2-3 years, you’ve become a tabloid. It’s sad actually.

        I’ve lost faith in this channel and all you post is now suspect.

        I’m here for the entertainment value at this point.

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