Watch out for Flying Ice on the Roads

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NOXEN -- Albert Harrison and his stepfather say they have a guardian angel on their shoulders.

The two were on their way home near Noxen Thursday when a sheet of ice flew off a tractor trailer and slammed right through their hood and windshield.

All Ernest Higgins could do was hit the brakes.

"I was looking off thinking nothing was going to happen and my step-dad jams on the brakes, and before I had anything to do, it was all on me," said Albert Harrison of Noxen.

"Sounded like a God dang grenade coming off like when you are in the service. I thought the whole Jeep blew up," said Ernest Higgins of Noxen.

Ice pierced the windshield, shattered the glass, and wrecked the hood of the car.

Both men were taken to the hospital. The vehicle is totaled.

As for the driver of the tractor trailer, Harrison says he never stopped.

"I have a 6-month-old baby. He could have killed me. My kid could have never seen his dad, and that guy did not even have a care in the world about nothing," Harrison said.

Harrison and Higgins aren't the only ones dealing with car damage.

Kevin Muench and Kevin Gibson were driving back from Bradford County Thursday when a piece of ice smashed their work van.

"I could see it, the piece of ice, start to lift off the car, and I saw it fly off the car, and I never thought or expected it to hit our van," Gibson said.

Muench says although it's cold and it takes time to clean your car off, it's better than dealing with damage, or worse.

"When you are cleaning off your car, you spend two minutes and your hands go numb, so you are kind of like, 'That's it. I'm done,' but people should take more precaution. I mean, accidents happen, but this was 100 percent preventable," said Muench.

Pennsylvania law requires you to remove snow and ice from your vehicle. If you don't, and the ice hits another vehicle leading to someone being hurt or killed, you could you could face a fine.


  • the peeps

    As others have stated, if you are on the highway, you are able to pass people. Stay in the right lane if you are slow, don’t pull out in front of others, etc. Also, ice can fly very far and very fast, so it does not always mean someone is tailgating. Do the speed limit and don’t worry.

  • Bobc87

    I can’t remember any time in the recent past where a cop pulled over a vehicle with snow or ice on it. Considering there’s a law about removing snow and ice from your vehicle, it might help a little of cops pretended to care a little about enforcing it.

  • What's happened to common sense!

    Umm yes it’s preventable! Get off the butt of the truck or vehicle in front of you moron! Every one is in a hurry with no place to go!

  • Honk honk unless your pimple get off by butt

    Just learn to keep your distance between vehicles when traveling idiots! How would a truck driver know a chunk for ice flew off his trailer? You people need some common sense and just remember the life you save may be your own! Without trucks and farmers America stops!

    • kk2509

      Please tell me how I do that while passing on the interstate. Or should we all just stay in one lane behind the tractor trailer doing 45 mph up a hill????

    • Sue

      the first report in Noxen involved a tractor trailer. the second incident involved a car and a van. Their story was straight enough you need to pay attention.

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