One year later, Women’s March returns

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One year after women took to the streets in droves to protest President Donald Trump’s inauguration, marchers are gathering again in cities across the country and around the world in a sharp rebuke of Trump’s presidency and in continuation of a still-growing international movement.

This second year of the Women’s March also comes in the middle of the #MeToo movement, which has shed light on sexual misconduct and ushered in social change in a bevy of industries. It also comes months ahead of the midterm elections in the United States, in which progressive women hope to turn their activism into victories at the ballot box.

In Washington, where one year ago hundreds of thousands of women clad in pink hats took to the streets and vowed to resist Trump’s presidency, Heather Tucci said she didn’t want to stay on the sidelines.

“Before Trump, I was content to sit back and watch the government just go by me. Now I’m not,” Tucci, from Harford County, Maryland, told CNN. “It is dire that we do something because it is just ridiculous what is happening to this country, what people think about us around the world and just undermining the basic fundamentals of humanity and the constitution and what democracy should stand for.”

Kelley Robinson, Planned Parenthood’s national organizing director, told CNN that it’s “nothing new for women to be involved in elections,” but said that many women who marched last year had been spurred to run for office themselves.

“It’s a time where we’re not just showing up — folks are saying that, ‘Hey, we actually need to be sitting in those chairs,'” Robinson said. “You know, so everyone who was out in the airports rallying last year and marching in the streets, many of them are now sitting in state legislatures across the country. It’s a powerful moment that we’re in.”

That movement, Robinson added, “is evolving into something more powerful every single day.”

The protests did not go unnoticed by the White House. On Saturday, Trump tweeted that it’s “a perfect day for all Women to March.”

“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March,” Trump wrote. “Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”

Marchers gathered across the country and around the world hours after much of the United States federal government shut down after members of Congress failed to reach an agreement on a spending measure, casting uncertainty over much of the nation. Marchers, however, stayed the course.

One of the largest demonstrations unfolded Saturday in Los Angeles.

Kathleen Whitehead and her 13-year-old daughter, Casey Feldman, arrived early to that march. Feldman carried a green sign that said, “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance.”

“The battle against women and health care is killing us,” Whitehead told CNN. “It is 2018. I am 46 years old. My mother had to do this battle. Why do I, why? We have gone the wrong way.”

Gioconda Aviles came to the Los Angeles march with her 9-year-old twin daughters.

“I think women are more empowered this year,” Aviles, who attended the march last year as well, told CNN. “I can’t believe we have the president we have. I’m Latina, pushed to get Latinos to vote. Clearly, we didn’t do a good job. I think we need to make the difference in 2018.”

June Williams and her husband, Carlos, said their motivations for marching have shifted since the inaugural Women’s March.

“Last year was, we were angry that a person can get into office with his record and past,” Williams said of Trump. “Hey, there’s a lot of us who don’t agree. He’s not our president. This year for me, it’s about equal status for women. Without people getting out and voting, look what happens.”

In New York, Maura O’Meara, 47, of New Paltz, organized a group of women from the Hudson Valley area to travel to New York City together to participate in the march. She said her motivations for marching are largely the same as last year, when she traveled to DC, but have gained new urgency.

“We haven’t been quiet since last year. We’ve been up and out trying to fight for the rights of women and the vulnerable,” she said. “I actually have more hope now.”

Celebrities lend voices to Los Angeles Women’s March

Thousands gathered Saturday in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles for the second Women’s March, lending their voices to the protests nationwide in anticipation of hearing from a slate of celebrity speakers.

Live: Women’s March in Los Angeles

March organizers honed in on this year’s midterm elections using the theme “Hear Our Vote.”

But the rally was much more than electoral politics for many attendees. Demonstrators advocated for women’s rights and equality as much of the sentiment in this year’s march overlapped with the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson were among a long list of famous folks who addressed massive crowds as they reached the march’s end at Grand Park and City Hall. Here’s what they had to say:

Eva Longoria

“This march and this movement is far more ambitious in scope and scale and it extends beyond one political actor or even one political party. What we’re calling for is sustainable and systematic change to the experience of women and girls in America. A change from fear and intimidation to respect. From pain and humiliation to safety and dignity. From marginalization to equal pay and representation.”

Natalie Portman

“I keep hearing a particular gripe about this cultural shift and maybe you have, too. Some people have been calling this movement puritanical or a return to Victorian values, where men can’t behave or speak sexually around dainty, delicate, fragile women. To these people I want to say, the current system is puritanical. Maybe men can say and do whatever they want, but women cannot. The current system inhibits women from expressing our desires, wants and needs, from seeking our pleasure.”

Scarlett Johansson

“While Me Too means different things to different people, to me, it is very simply the ability to empathize with the visceral realities of this condition. I want to move forward. And for me, moving forward means my daughter growing up in a world where she doesn’t have to be a victim of what has cruelly become the social norm. That she doesn’t have to fit into the bindings of the female condition. Time’s up on the female condition. …

“I stand before you someone that is empowered, not only by the curiosity about myself and the active choices that I am finally able to make and stand by, but by the brightness of this movement, the strength and the unity that this movement has provided. It gives me hope that we are moving toward a place where our sense of equality can truly come from within ourselves.”


  • AGirlWhoHatesFeminists

    Just think of all the unattended cats left at home while their owners were dressed as vag***s preaching about human dignity.

      • AGirlWhoHatesFeminists

        You’re a complete derelict. I’m making fun of them owning cats…its a stereotype…I’ll wait while you grab the dictionary to look up what that word means.

  • Local propaganda

    Man o man I wish it was single digits for these sheeple out wasting there time marching for something the fakestream propaganda media has made them think is real…. it is at least entertaining seeing some of these loonies signs and such.

  • Cowboy

    wounding, how many of them women have a job and a husband working his A** off to keep them warm and safe. How many were bused in from other state from the clinton foundation?

    • METOO

      If you were my husband, I’d kick yer A*** so hard you’d be goin’ ta work in a but-t sling! And you’d come back home and beg for more you sick bstrd!


    Sure seems like a lot less wench marchers this year. Shame the march was not scheduled 2 weeks ago when the temps were below zero. Wish some of them would march to my house as I am the Keilbasa King.

  • One For Real Women

    The #ME TOO thing is so much baloney. The women who were sexually abused by Weinstein made a decision to put their careers ahead of anything else. Since they kept quiet about what happened other women were abused and they are party to their own objectification. The thing should be #SPEAK OUT and take ownership of your own situation instead of passing it along to the next victim.

  • Writer Girl

    Go away losers!!! I’m glad I’m a woman born in America. There’s little to nothing to complain about, especially when it comes to Donald Trump. He’s actually keeping campaign promises and getting results. The economy and stock market to name two. The racism/hate/nationalism is in your own twisted hearts and minds.

    • PBandJ

      @writer girl i do not get this protesting thing at all. and Hitlary Clinton was the model of sanctity for these crazies? she who cut a deal with her rapist husband that she would not only look the other way but procure fresh meat for him as long as he supported whatever bids she put in for her political career. Hitlary is not a role model for women. she is the antithesis of what a healthy female aspires to.

  • Pass The Dressing

    As I read the *celebrity* statements on this gathering, I realized what this event meant to create. Word salad. And I must confess that the gibberish and rubbish contained a fair amount of jargon and slang to pluck at whatever scabs existed, but not one of these statements made an ounce of sense. Not an ounce. One woman said, *…we’re calling for is sustainable and systematic change to the experience of women and girls in America…* and, as a literary professor, makes about as much sense as a soup sandwich. Have we women become this lazy and stupid?

  • We’re Laughing At You

    And still they prance around not really knowing why. Spewing pointless phrases and whining about the man responsible for a booming economy. So many great accomplishments in less than a year!
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Clinton Clunked

    Even after one year they can’t accept the fact that Hillary lost. Not only did she lose but she lost to someone like Trump. I love watching these people self implode.

    • Givemeabreak

      But it’s ok to dress up your child and take him to a Trump rally to be used as a prop. It’s also OK to have the talk with your children about the President grabbing genitals because he is rich and can. Somehow your not sick in the head.

      • PBandJ

        @givemeabreak the problem with the reference to Trump’s childish comment is that it was meant to reflect the same connotation as if someone had said (about men), “You gotta grab ’em by the balls.” Now, if he had said that remark about men, not one person would have expressed a word of outrage and the whole nation would have spent a few moments in mirth. But, because it was a reference to women, somehow that makes it a fascist ideology.

        Here’s the bottom line. Trump has a dreadfully broken filter. He should never have even been in the running for President, but this is what we – the Nation, as a whole – did to ourselves in our complacency and in our anger at what 8 years of the race-baiting and anti-Law Enforcement attitudes helped to create. We did this to ourselves. SO, we focus on real life issues like crime, dangerous immigrants/refugees, national economy and self-sufficiency RATHER THAN some sort of vapid, trite, and slogan-slinging harpy “movement” that has absolutely no solid foundation or basis other than to band together in a flurry of estrogen and scream for naught.

      • Writer Girl

        Dressing up your child in imitation of someone you like, is a bit different from what’s going on here, in which the children are likely clueless about what their parents are espousing. No one is condoning what Trump did before he was president, but that’s the thing, it was before he was president. Men and even some women, talk/act like that when young. Guess we should arrest them all.

    • Writer Girl

      I hate when people use their innocent children for their own agenda. Akin to child abuse for these shameless jerks.

  • Merrill

    Do you people care that Trump has the first female press Secretary in over a decade and more women in high ranking cabinet positions in history? Or do facts not matter?

    • Givemeabreak

      That would be fine if the men actually worked and took care of their responsibilities. Most are selfish and only worry about themselves. Then they sit around and complain that there are no jobs but they don’t do anything to better themselves or further their education. How about working harder or if you can’t find a job here move somewhere else and make a better life for yourself. These guys need to stop blaming everyone else for their own failures.

      I see why you guys like Trump so much. You always blame someone else.

      • PBandJ

        @givemeabreak men don’t have solid role models, anymore. There are no real life heroes and there can be no hope for a healthy reconciliation between men and women when our culture and society tolerates an absence of values, morals, or expectations that people will do the right things, even if it’s uncomfortable, and go on with the process of living. Life is not fair. Each and every person should be aware and accepting of this fact. If they were, we wouldn’t have the runaway train of SJW.

      • too bad you arent

        before the civil rights movement and all of that black communities had their hierarchy. there were leaders, stores, services, suppliers, restaurants, churches, funeral directors and everything. i do not suggest that we go back to the 50’s line of thinking but there were values and understandings in those days of what was expected from people. those days are long long gone

      • Robert

        You think men don’t work hard and are selfish and only care about themselves, take a look around and see how women act.

  • PBandJ

    When did women stop being feminine? It just baffles me that women are “equal,” today, and yet so many are demanding PRIVILEGE for their gender. So, it’s okay for me to demand better pay than my male counterpart because I’m female, but the instant someone takes note of my femininity, I’m going to hit the roof?

    Okay, gals. Party’s over, time to clean up and get back to the business of living. I’m almost ashamed that I am a woman, but I’m grateful that I’m not a hetero white male in today’s current social climate. UGH!!!!

    • Givemeabreak

      I know I have it sooooooo hard as a white American. ROFL.

      Life is hard and it’s even harder when your stupid.

      • PBandJ

        @givemeabreak did you even READ my post? Of course not because nothing fits your agenda except the foolish and desperate cry of “We Wuz Kangs ‘N Sheet!” Get over yourself AND the past. Nobody give one-sh*t, two sh*t, red sh*t, or blue sh*t about redressing the past and recompense for slavery which, oh-by-the-way, the one fellow who owned the largest number of slaves in the Colonies was……….you guessed it………a black guy.

  • Amber

    Disgusting WNEP, so much for “equality”! Did the March for life get front page attention like this? Did you display the endless crowds marching as you did here? THIS here is why we call you all FAKE NEWS. You like to report things as long as they slant towards your liberal opinions. It’s these one sided points of view that turn you from a source of informative news to a tool of propaganda!

    So tired of these games. TRUMP 2020!!

    • Givemeabreak

      I imagine you go on FOX and scream the same thing all the time since you have such a distaste for slanted news. If you aren’t, doesn’t that make you slanted? Is it difficult living with your head stuck in the sand?

      • Givemeabreak

        Every station puts on programming that it thinks it’s viewers would like to see, you know ratings. You see they are in the business of making money so just like abc, fox puts on what it thinks it’s viewers would like to hear. So basically they tell you exactly what you want to hear. That means it’s no longer news but entertainment.

    • pro-choice is the best choice

      There was an article on the “front page” of the site about rallying up for the March for Life. However, gender equality is a REAL issue. This rally was kind of silly, but cannot be compared to a bunch of people rallying for pro-birthing.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I want to go just for the sandwiches!! Could you imagine all the different kinds of food!!!

    Know your place ladies. It’s a man’s world baby!!

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