Coroner Called to Barn Fire near Elysburg

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- The coroner has been called to the scene of a barn fire in Northumberland County.

Crews were called to the place on Rushtown Road near Elysburg around 7 p.m. Saturday.

Several fire departments helped battle the flames which leveled the barn.

According to the Elysburg fire chief, someone was trapped in the barn when the fire broke out. That person remains unaccounted for.

The chief said the fire started in the barn and spread to a maintenance shop containing propane tanks. The chief said many vehicles were damaged.

There's no word on what caused the fire.

Newswatch 16 has a crew at the scene.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


  • The Hammer

    If this person is there before the fire crews, what, exactly, are they supposed to do with a fully-involved barn? You complain that a photo was taken, yet here you are looking at it! It demonstrates the power and destruction of fire, and the danger volunteers face when trying to help their communities. Most people like to be informed, not stick their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is just peachy. Try volunteering instead of complaining.

  • Ray

    someone died in that fire and the person who took them pictures made it to the fire before the fire company. how sad someone has nothing to do then take pictures of some person heartache( there is more to life then taken pictures of someone’s sorrow).get a life pictures taker

    • CeeMe

      You obviously don’t know much about the news industry. If they had taken a picture of the dead person, that would be gruesome. Many, including the FD, will be taking pictures. What difference does it make if it’s while the building is burning or after it’s gone? You think people don’t know the whole building was burning before they see charred remains of a building?

      • Perspective

        These are the same people that think hunting and fishing are barbaric, but they have no problem jumping in their cars with leather seats to go have a dinner of surf and turf.

    • Clarissa

      Most fire departments have a designated person for taking photos. Usually, it’s someone who is no longer able to actually fight the fire but still wants to be active with the department. These are the people who help with fundraisers, take care of equipment, etc. Everyone has a job to do, and at least they’re out there helping, not sitting in the warm and being computer bullies.

      • Enough already

        Thanks Clarissa, it appears that you get it. Meanwhile quite a few second-guessers that are completely clueless bang away on their keyboards like frustrated baboons. It’s apparent that none of them have ever been properly involved in anything but themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t make such comments.

    • Laura

      I’m sure taking these photos are important. It could help them figure out the actual cause or possible origin of the fire. What more could they have done upon arriving at the scene with the building completely engulfed? It looks like there wasn’t much, if anything, left that could be saved.

      • A mentally sick hobby

        Do these same firefighter personel also take the horribly gruesome photos of vehicle crash victims? I think all this picture taking is demented! Not to mention disrespectful to victims and their families. Leave this twisted turn-on to the Coroners and law enforcement!

      • Enough already

        Interesting. I’ve been on the internet ever since Al Gore invented it, and I’ve not seen one gory dismembered accident victim photo. Maybe because I’ve not actively searched out such things. Burned buildings and twisted metal – sure. So why are you looking for such things? Who’s the mentally sick one?

    • Jerry johnson

      Want to make a difference become a volunteer and maybe you will appreciate what you have a whole lot more.

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