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Pot Found on a Plane in Bradford County

BRADFORD COUNTY AIRPORT -- Police in Bradford County arrested two men after reportedly finding 200 pounds of marijuana on a plane they were operating.

According to police Matthew Roesner and Paul Riggie were traveling from California and landed at the Bradford County Airport on Wednesday night.

Shortly after landing, K-9 units were called in and searched the plane.

It was then that PSP Towanda found 40 packages containing nearly 200 pounds of marijuana, a large amount of cash and a pistol.

Police say Roesner is a commercial pilot with Compass Airlines. Roesner told police that Riggie paid him $10,000 to fly the plane from California to Boston.

Roesner and Riggie are facing manufacture with intent to sell or deliver and other related charges.

Both men are locked up in Bradford County on $500,000 bail.


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