Elderly Scranton Woman Walks in on Thieves During Break-In

SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton are investigating two home break-ins that could be related. In one case, an elderly woman walked in on two men rifling through her home.

Scranton police can't say just yet whether the two break-ins are related but they happened only days apart, and in both cases, jewelry was stolen.

The two break-ins happened only blocks away from each other in Scranton's Green Ridge section -- first, on Columbia Street on January 8, and second, on Sunset Street on the January 12.

Mark Seitzinger is president of the Green Ridge Neighborhood Association.

"Very close to home, the one on Columbia was 6:30 at night. We were in our kitchen eating dinner. So, we didn't hear anything, we didn't know anything until we were told that there were cop cars outside," Seitzinger said.

In that case, the homeowner disrupted the burglars. When the elderly woman arrived home, she found two men in hoodies in different rooms of her house going through her things.

She ran from the house to get help and the burglars got away. She tells police some jewelry was missing from her home.

Jewelry was also taken from the home on Sunset Street. That break-in happened in the middle of the afternoon.

"Well, it's terribly worrisome," said Scranton resident Nancy Post. "I think it's just a pretty good reminder to all of us to make sure we keep everything locked up and just watch everybody else in the neighborhood so we can be good neighbors."

Scranton police say, in at least one case, a door was left unlocked prompting Seitzinger to warn members of the neighborhood association on social media.

"The biggest thing is, lock your home, lock your cars, lock your property up because they're just taking what they want," Seitzinger said.

Police are still investigating both break-in cases. Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton police.


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