Group Works to Fix Clock Tower in Carbon County

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WEATHERLY -- The first thing many people see when they drive into Weatherly is the Schwab School that sits on top of the hill.

But for more than 20 years, the clock at the top of the schoolhouse has been stuck at one o'clock.

"The clock itself has not run since about 1996, so we are over 20 years of that not functioning," said Charlie Palermo, Schwab School Restoration Project.

Charlie Palermo is on a committee of volunteers that is working to save the clock tower and preserve the school that is now owned by the borough.

He says plans to fix the clock and make it ring again are now moving forward.

"It will take a couple months because the mechanism actually has to be removed from the clock. We will get it ringing, the repair will include new faces, repair of the faces, new dials, new numbers," said Palermo.

Many people want to see the school clock fixed. In fact, some businesses are even donating their time and effort to make sure it gets done.

Much of the mechanical work will be done by Bradford Clock. The owner of the repair shop says he is offering the labor for free as his gift to the community.

Another local shop, Dawn's Vinyl Designs, will fix the face of the clock, also free of charge.

"We will print everything out on vinyl, laminate it and put it on the face of the clock and it should last for a long time," said Dawn Bellizia, Dawn's Vinyl Designs.

Even though this broken clock is right twice a day, the hope is to have it working and ringing again soon.

Committee members are still working on a repair start date.


    • Biff Tannon

      Under a snow pile in Canada. I thought the 1.21 gigawatts broke the clock tower in the first place though? The cool thing about Weatherly is that they host their annual hill climb which is a beautiful opportunity to take on this problem if they reach out to the numerous DeLorean owners clubs and fans of the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Those enthusiasts are die hard types that will not fail if you promise a public screening of the movies and some parade laps just to prove that they figured out the hiccups in those vehicles (trust me, they don’t back down from a challenge). It has the promise to generate interest from other “wing car” groups and to feather the township’s nest with some big money after the right promotion. Hill climb+ DMC12’s+ Creativity+ Party= revenue.

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