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Fifth Grader Unknowingly Passes Out Medical Marijuana Gummies at School

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A fifth-grader was suspended and her parents are now under investigation after she passed out gummy bears at her New Mexico elementary school, unaware the candy contained THC, a local TV station reported Thursday.

The unknowing fifth grader allegedly handed out the candy to fourth graders at Albuquerque School of Excellence’s cafeteria.

Three students ate a single gummy, and the girl who brought the THC-laced candy ate three or four, KRQE reports.

“I started feeling really dizzy. I felt like the room was going to flip to the side,” an unidentified 9-year-old told the TV station. “She had this box, it had a label on it that said ‘Incredibles.’ We just thought it was ordinary gummies.”

Incredibles brand medical marijuana later told the TV station they do not make gummy bears and suspect someone counterfeited the logo.

While feeling the effects, the fifth-grader said she could not see, dean of elementary students Kristy Del Curto told the station.

THC gummies can be two to 100 times stronger than traditional marijuana, according to KRQE.

“Pure THC, I mean like that’s more potent than smoking marijuana,” one parent told the station.

Paramedics responded and monitored the students until the effects wore off.

The students later said they know drugs are bad, and the unidentified 9-year-old said she was sad she did them.

“All those lessons I took about not taking drugs were all for nothing,” she told the station.

Curto said she does not believe the fifth-grader knew the gummies were laced, but the child was suspended for a week regardless.

The girl’s parents said the gummies were medicinal, KRQE reports. They are now under investigation.

Regardless of what is found, a parent told KRQE whoever owned the gummies is irresponsible.

“The first thing that came to my mind is irresponsible parents because that’s dangerous.”


  • Smoker

    It’s really sad to see people bash marijuana so much! I would rather smoke a joint ANYDAY over taking some bs medication that’s addicting and actually doing more harm to me than good!!! Alcohol should be illegal !!!! Again I’d rather hang with someone who is stoned over drunk anyday too! Thank you God for giving us the beautiful plant to fix many things!!!!

  • Lain Dew

    First question, since when do 9 year old split a single small gummy for sharing? This seems a little unlikely. Around that age, they know what drugs are. I do not believe for one second that they did not know. Also the packaging was the chews not gummy bears as the article stated. This is already seeming to just want to shed a negative light on the new “budding” industry. These products that are available for adults are no different from alchohol, tobacco or anything else for adults. Keep these things away from kids, Lock it up, educate them on the symbol that is on EVERY Marijuanna package, and for consumable products they have the symbol as well as on the edible itself. Ignorance is always the enemy

  • mopar driver

    Potheads have never been lauded for intelligence , Funny that it’s called dope or can’t you people figure it out ? THC is a Hallucinogenic and by that alone dangerous when strengthened by refinement ,

    • Lain Dew

      I have been using for over 20 years. I have not had any hallucinations. I do not disagree, but I do think it is very infrequent and not to the level of strength you may imagine.

    • Lain Dew

      By the way Love Mopar, but if you were an advocate for Ford I would not cut you down for it because we all have our own opinions. Please consider the idea that not all people that use and comsume the product in question, is nothing but a dope head.


    Super unbiased to report this during this time on a local news station from somewhere across the country.

  • Timmy Leary

    I’m movin’ to New Mexico and enrolling my kids in this school today! Finally, a sane school board. PA’s only just now is gearing up, but it’ll be months before gummies and the like are available to our kiddies, so now’s the time to get a “head start.”

  • 🤔

    Obviously you do get some kind of high from ” medical marijuana”. I don’t believe for one second that you don’t. If that child felt dizzy and couldn’t see then explain why that is if you ” don’t get stoned” from it? The FDA itself said it has NO medicinal purposes. Just another way to legalize illegal drugs so the govt can make big money. I say shame on the government. How to they expect to stop all of this drug use when they legalize it? Pretty sad times we are in. I’d hate to be the one to have to stand before God and explain why. There will be weeping and knashing of teeth!!!

    • Bearded Ones Say Yay

      Ah, the Food & Drug Administration – friend to mankind and saviors of us all. The FDA also says that using petroleum-based food coloring in foods, beverages, and medicines is “safe” and “non-toxic.” The FDA hasn’t issued a warning to relay to citizens of how toxic certain soda beverages are, have they? Has the FDA issued any warnings about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup in a child’s diet? Of course not! The FDA is not interested in the safety or health of citizens. It simply isn’t. What it is interested in is money. If citizens are kept sick (diabetes industry?), then the FDA has to stay in business to approve new and ever more expensive drugs to treat these preventable conditions.

      Legalizing marijuana isn’t a sin any more than was legalizing alcoholic beverages or tobacco for use by ADULTS. Ya don’t think people get “high” from booze or tobacco, do you? Talk to any herbal expert with an open mind, and you might be surprised at what benefits can be found from marijuana, as well as the dozens of other seemingly harmless plants that grow in back yards. Where do you think digitalis comes from? A chemist?

      BTW. it’s “gnashing of teeth,” NOT “knashing,” and before you make another post, check your own spelling, grammar and continuity so you don’t make yourself appear to be a 100% close-minded Bible-thumper. That’s the kind of prose that gives Christianity a bad rap.

      • 🤔

        All you’re worried about is a spelling error? Well, it does tell you in the Bible about not being a drunkard and about staying away from drugs. Doesn’t mention about smoking cuz it wasn’t around back then. A spelling error doesn’t give Christians a bad rap.bits closed minded people who think you’re a freak for loving Jesus and living by the word of God as my family and I do.

      • Yer an angry one

        Either you are suffering from an extreme case of arrogance, or you are simply retarded.

        What do you think ancient cultures used when they were practicing medicine? Pfizer Pharmaceuticals? They used PLANTS, moron! PLANTS. People DID get sick in Biblical times – as you are a theologian, you would know this, yourself.

        Are you aware of the dangers of using smart phones and their addictive properties? Didn’t think so. (pounding gavel) “NEXT?”

      • Bearded Ones Say Yay

        Emoticon wrote, “Does that make you happy.” (?) You see, emoticon, I don’t need anyone else to “make” me “happy.” I just toke my weed and all is well with the world. Then, I watch Mystery Science Theater 3K, eat some ranch Doritos, and drink some Pepsi, and laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s all good, knuckles! Try it. You might not get your panties in such a tight bunch.

      • 🤔

        It’s not worth arguing about. And why the name calling? I’m not calling anyone names. See, like I said, Christians get a bad rap cuz of closed minded people. We’re wrong if we don’t go along with what society thinks. We get called names. You believe what you want and I’ll continue to believe God’s truth, the only truth. One question tho. Do you believe God heals? I know for a fact he does. I’ve been healed many times therefore no need of drugs for me. Have a nice day. 😊

      • Yummy Gummy

        oh the FDA also approved of breast implants and viagra without long term studies. gender re-assignment hormones are being prescribed to children as young as 3 to prevent their bodies from reaching puberty so they can transition to the opposite gender because their parents are crazy. FDA is bogus

      • 🤔

        Yet an angry one, I know they got sick in biblical times and guess what…Jesus healed them. No where does it say they took drugs. Try reading the Bible.

      • Pastor McNaulty

        For the record, you need to understand that God placed organisms for man to act as steward over the earth and everything therein to be plants, animals, and mineral resources. That means that we flawed human beings were intended to learn how to use and consume the things on the earth. That also means learning how to use and consume things wisely. Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine at the wedding in Caanan? Wine can cause untold damage to people if they choose to consume it in a bad way. Yes God does heal but he gave us the ability and tools to heal ourselves as well. Even religion can become an addiction and create a sense of feeling high. This is taught in seminaries throughout the world. Jesus did heal, but he did so to fulfill prophecy, not to make our lives easier.

      • 🤔

        Sorry but we don’t heal ourselves. Any healing you receive comes from God and God alone. People have the choice to take meds and such I personally choose to not. If I have an issue I go straight to the ultimate healer which is God. I have not had wrong guidance. I don’t care about the persecution. It’s suppose to happen. If being a Christian and you are not persecuted then you should ask yourself why not because Jesus himself said we would be persecuted .

    • 🤔

      You can ask just for a headache to be healed. Duh! It’s better than meds. Do you honestly think I agree with transgender anything…uh no! I was simply stating what the FDA said about marijuana. I don’t agree with breast implants Viagra or any of that nasty stuff. I guess I should rejoice in the persecution. That’s what is supposed to happen as a Christian.

      • Pastor McNaulty

        No we are to rejoice in Life and the Light of God. We endure persecution. You should come to my church because someone has been giving you some unclear guidance.

      • 🤔

        There is a difference between having religion and having a personal relationship with God. And it was religion is what killed Jesus ( being the Pharisees) they were all about living by the letter of the law.

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