Danville Coach Keeps Job

DANVILLE -- Danville Area School District is keeping its football coach and his staff. The announcement at a special meeting Thursday night comes a week after social media buzz that the football coach and his staff were out.

During the offseason after school, it's likely you'll find Coach Jim Keiser and a few of his football players at the gym at Danville High School.

The Danville High School football coach tells us last week he wasn't sure if he was coming back next season. Word spread on social media that Coach Jim Keiser and his football staff were fired after a recent school board meeting.

"I was under the assumption that I was dismissed. A lot of other people were too. You know people just took stuff and ran with it. There were so many crazy rumors out there," said Coach Keiser.

Those rumors were cleared up at a special school board meeting.

Dozens of community members and Keiser's players were there when school officials confirmed Keiser and his staff will keep their jobs, but under certain conditions

The football staff must go through an "improvement program."

"A lot of sleepless during the week, but again hearing it and knowing the guys will come back, there was a sense of relief," the coach said. "Just looking over and seeing the kids' faces, it was outstanding."

Danville Area School District officials tell Newswatch 16, "moving forward, we will put a plan in place that will better our program and make us stronger. The focus needs to be on our students by providing a positive environment."

"Anything that can improve my relationship with our kids, the parents and help us on the field, I have no problem with any of that stuff," Keiser said.


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