Why You Should Check Your Sprinklers During Freezing Weather

HOUSTON — Officials are asking residents to make sure their sprinklers don’t automatically turn on like they did for one Texas home, turning the front yard into an icicle-laden scene out of the movie Frozen.

The sprinklers were apparently on long enough to not only coat the trees and front law but also to create a dangerous patch of ice on the road.

"We are forecast for another hard freeze tonight," the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management tweeted Wednesday. "Please make sure your sprinkler system is turned off."

With the temperatures expected to fall into the teens and low 20s overnight, the National Weather Service issued a hard freeze warning and reminded residents to take care of the four Ps – people, pets, pipes, and plants.

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  • warningfakenews

    An important part of getting people to accept tyranny is to pretend like we couldn’t get along without the government telling us what to do, in every aspect of our lives. They’ll point to an event like this which shows that someone, somewhere did something careless or foolish as proof that we need their “help”. Reagan was spot on with his quote about how we should react to that.

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