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Steel Beams Arrive for Electric City Aquarium

SCRANTON -- A giant special delivery was made for the Marketplace at Steamtown, huge steel beams.

Thirty of these beams are scheduled to be delivered Thursday in downtown Scranton.

They will be installed in the floor of the new Electric City Aquarium to reinforce the floor under the water tanks.

Each beam is 60 feet long and weighs more than 5,000 pounds.

Officials haven't said when the new aquarium will be finished.


  • Think Positive

    Humans will always be looking for new ways to entertain themselves, at whomever’s or whatever’s expense. I guess the lesson learned with the Nay Aug Zoo wore off.

    • Rick J

      the Nay Aug zoo was city owned and operated at taxpayer expense. This aquarium is privately owned/operated and is paying rent to the mall … Have you ever gone to Cabela’s … they have an aquarium and I don’t hear any complaints about Cabela’s display of tropical fish, etc.

  • Sam

    Leave the marine life alone already. There’s plenty of room in the ocean. They don’t need to be put in a glass cage so idiots can come and look at them. This is ridiculous.

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