Slain U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill Was Father of Two, Veteran

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HARRISBURG -- Investigators have identified the U.S. Marshal killed by gunfire Thursday morning in Harrisburg.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill, 45, died at the hospital after being shot in an exchange of gunfire will trying to serve a warrant, state troopers said at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Investigators said Hill was part of the U.S. Marshals task force involving several law enforcement agencies.

Gunfire broke out after 6 a.m. in the home on Mulberry Street where the warrant was being served after a woman was handcuffed and taken into custody, according to troopers. A man in the home began shooting at task force members, hitting Dep. Hill and York City Police Officer Kyle Pitts.

According to police, the warrant was served to Shayla Pierce, 30, of Harrisburg on illegal possession of firearm charges.

After the task force members moved outside the home, the shooter followed them outside where he was shot and killed.

"The male individual exited from the front of the residence, firing at law enforcement officers. Gunfire was returned and that male was killed," U.S. Attorney David Freed explained.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill, 45, was shot and killed. Hill has worked for the U.S. Marshal's Service since 2009 when he transferred from Washington D.C. He was an Army veteran with a wife and two kids.

"Chris is the cream of the crop. He's one of our best," said U.S. Marshal Martin Pane.

Hill was highly involved in the manhunt in the Poconos for cop killer Eric Frein.

"During the manhunt, he was chosen to be in command of a large group of deputy U.S. Marshals, FBI agents, and Pennsylvania State Troopers," Pane said.

Hill has ties to our area. Hill graduated from Warrior Run High in Northumberland County in 1990.

Two other officers were hit by bullets. Kyle Pitts of the York City Police Department is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The third officer was hit by a bullet but his body armor protected him from getting hurt. That officer then shot and killed the gunman.

Investigators identified him as Kevin Sturgis, 31, of Philadelphia.

Police added there were several children inside the house at the time of the deadly shooting.

Melody Patrick was getting ready for work when she heard gunshots a half block from where she lives in Harrisburg.

"I wasn't sure if somebody was setting off fireworks because it sounds very similar. I couldn't tell from where they were coming from. I heard them again a couple minutes later and I heard the sirens," Patrick recalled.

"Christopher Hill died a hero today. We will honor his memory by standing with his family and his brothers and sisters in law enforcement," Freed said.


  • Dave Matichwa

    Sounds to me like chumley isn’t a fan of law enforcement, oh well. Guaranteed they have adjusted his attitude more than once and deservedly so. Chumley is a loser, couldn’t make it as a cop and now turned hater. The only problem is that we will never know chumleys real name. If I had to guess it almost reminds me of that Archie Beal clown that used to communicate on this link. Losers

  • Father of Police Officer and former Sheriffs Deputy assigned to the U. S. Marshall Service.

    My prayers, thoughts and wishes go out to his Family and friends. Deputy Hill was a hero and died in the line of duty. Welcome home Deputy and Rest in Peace, job well done. End of watch 1/18/18.

  • Chumley

    This was great. Two for one deal. The only sickening thing is you’ll never hear the end of it on the news for this corrupt cop who got himself dead. Fundraisers and constant blather on the news about the family. Most of these guys are corrupt anyway. Do let the EBT comment and all that fool you. It just shows their true personality. Wife and women beaters, hippocrates that are human beings like everyone else but put on a uniform and a gun on a belt and watch out. They knew what they were signing up for. Should have went and trained in Detroit. Pound sand and piss up a rope. It’s true whoever said they went from being bullied in school was spot on. Notice how they put others down because of where they work or what they do. Anyone could be a cop. Doesn’t take much upstairs. That’s what the government wants. People they can control. Throw money at these police departments to protect their rich asses. Why do they always look like their mentally retarded when their marching in these funerals and parades for their dead criminal friends in uniform? One eye always slightly off. Like someone did a qick lobotomy or something.

    • Writer Girl

      Generalize much? You don’t know that anything you stated is true of this man. Of course, with a name like “Chumley,” I doubt anyone is taking you seriously, anyway. Yes, they know what they signed up for, but it’s still sad when the worst happens. Glad the perp is dead and where would society be, without laws and those who enforce them?

  • Chuck

    12 percent of poulation commits over 70 percent of violent crime. Most of ut against Whites. Why dont you move into a black neighborhood? Are you some hippocrate lib that lives in the country? yet is a bleeding heart for these people?

  • this is ridiculous

    why do they allow all of the terrible racist people of NEPA to throw all of their awful, evil, hurtful comments on their articles yet? Any crime involving a non-white person is guaranteed to get bombarded with nasty, abrasive comments chock-full of horrible grammar and spelling. It makes me and anyone that is actually intelligent and educated truly embarrassed to live in this area. you all deserve a D-bag like trump and he deserves all of you. go back to school and learn how the world really works, please.

    • this is ridiculous

      I’m a white male who works over 40 hours a week, pays my taxes, am college educated and do not receive any government assistance. i figured i would save you morons some fumbling all over the keyboard because i’m sure those comments/ accusations are next.

    • Chuck

      12 percent of poulation commits over 70 percent of violent crime. Most of ut against Whites. Why dont you move into a black neighborhood? Are you some hippocrate lib that lives in the country yet is a bleeding heart for these people?

  • Chuck

    Now the news wul5go on and onand on andon about this ad nauseum. What about the thousands of civilians that die each day jus DOING THEIR JOB??!? You never hear about them. These people knowwhat they are signing up for when they sign up for these jobs. Plus, it’s sad, but cops and any law enforcement know the dangers and risks when they sign up. And for the families, well the police union and insurance reimburses them very well. It sounds cold but it is the truth. So, what about Sue that dies in her way to work as a NURSE or Joe who dies going to his job picking up you recycling or garbage? Or the doctor or whoever?? Watch. You’ll never hear the end of this now. Cops, Judges, U.S Marshalls are humans. PEOPLE like everyone else they eat, sleep and even commit crimes like any person can and does.You hear about cops and judges commiting crimes every day. To Protect and SERVE. PROTECT AND SERVE. Get your priorities straight. And I’m sure this will get censored. You cannont even speac the truth anymorenin the wacked out screwed up country. GOD. Icoyld go on and on. Such as the people who play games with balls, football, baseball, are worshipped and yet you never hear about the paramedic or doctor who saves people and lives every day.

  • huh?

    Condolences for Hill’s friends, family, and loved ones. He made the ultimate sacrifice.

    And………….all of the alt-left libtard comments are kinda piteous, really. My feeling is that we disband all Law Enforcement and let anarchy rule. What will the snowflakes do when they can’t blame someone with a badge? Isn’t it a statistical fact that most bleck people are killed BY bleck people, and that bleck people hate other blecks worse than any other demographic?

    Sounds like y’all need to hunker down and do some serious cogitating.

    • Betty is White

      Let’s also not forget to mark the recent epic moments in white history.
      1. White guy, gun nut shoots 589 men, women and children at Las Vegas concert.
      2. Donald Trump becomes the first white U.S. President to endorse a child molester for U.S. Senate.

    • Mary Renninger

      First of all idiot, he wasn’t black. He was half Native American Eskimo from Alaska. If you were lucky enough to have known him, as I did, you would have known that about him. He was a good man who will be greatly missed.

  • Blue Lives Matter

    Pennsylvania police officer dead in the street while Donald Trump is in Pennsylvania joking and wasting time at pep rallies for his cronies. I guess Trump loves our cops as much as he loves Puerto Rico. Maybe he should have cancelled the rally and spent the evening with the dead officer’s widow and children. It would be the American and Christian thing to do.

  • Police state of corporate America

    Oh Really? I’m a father of 1 and I was illegally detained by a thugg w a badge and what happened next ruined my life so who cares about this gang member. Most dangerous gang in America wears a badge.

  • trucker

    Quote from channel 6abc Harrisburg website:
    “The shooting occurred near where police shot and killed an Egyptian immigrant on Dec. 22 after he wounded a state trooper and shot at another officer near the Capitol.”
    “Freed said investigators are working to confirm the shooting suspect’s identity and piece together the chaotic events.”
    Why wait to release the killers name?

    • Learn to read

      Did you even bother to read the story before posting your racist garbage? The killer was identified as Kevin Sturgis. Sounds like another American jackass just like you.

      • Foolish Post

        You should learn to read and not jump on the racist bandwagon. He didn’t post one single thing that could be construed as racist, yet that’s the first thing you attack. Makes no sense at all.

      • Hammer

        How is he a trump voter? He’s a moron, but why do you feel the need to mention trump? If you are a Democrat research all the racist’s in your party. Start with KKK Byrd you moron.

    • Go Jake Your Brake.

      After you go back to school and finish the 8th grade, perhaps your spelling and grammar may improve.
      BTW… 6abc is a Philly TV station. Your taxpayer paid cable system must not carry it.

  • Law enforcement chick

    sad and senseless crime.
    What a low down POS.
    Prayers to the family of the officers and agents involved.

    • Local propaganda

      Law enforcement chick. Haa. What do u think about all the innocent people these bullies w badges murder?

      • Today's fun fact

        The only people I know who got bullied in school are now cops. Once they finally graduated school, they got themselves a badge to retaliate against society with. It’s a horrible shame. But they do feel as if they’re getting even with that mean society that was so cruel to them years before.

      • Foolish Post

        How many times have you been “wrongly” arrested and prosecuted? You’re one of those “I’ve always had problems with the police” clowns. I love your kind! The next question I ask is why do you have so many contacts with police to begin with? Keep spewing your tripe. We all know what you are.

      • Foolish Post

        Why don’t you tell us about all these people police “murder?” Do you even know what murder is? Do you know the difference between murder and homicide? No, you don’t. You also have no idea that the vast majority of police shootings are justified and the ones that aren’t are prosecuted. But you wouldn’t understand that. Just spew the leftist bumper sticker slogans and call it a day!

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