Power To Save: Recycled Plastic Fencing

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- Patrick Kelley from Ross Township doesn't like to see things go to waste.  So much so, that he even created a business out of this pet peeve, "Waste Not Technologies."

Kelley, along with his partners, uses recycled plastic to make fences that look just like wood.

"The products are made out of plastic. Mostly things like milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, pill bottles, that type of thing," said Patrick Kelley, Waste Not Technologies.

Kelley says to make poles like this one, it takes a few days.

All of the plastic goes through a grinder and is finely chopped. Then the plastic gets washed and dried at a facility in Tobyhanna before it's molded into form.

All the plastic materials actually come from people recycling in Monroe County.

"What we get is not going to landfill. We recycle even our own stuff. If we get something that we have to cut off or trim the ends off, all of that gets recycled. We are trying to be a zero waste facility," said Kelley.

Kelley says that prices vary from piece to piece but the benefits of buying plastic fencing over wooden fencing can save people money in the long run.

"If your wooden fence is deteriorating or falling apart after five years and you want to replace it, you're not just buying more fence, now you're paying someone to install it for you. It's a double installation cost. So when people look at the analysis of this they understand, okay, you may pay a little more for a plastic product like this fence but it's got a much longer life," said Kelley.

To learn more about "Waste Not Technologies" and its sister company "Close the Loop," click here.


  • Carl

    This is a really great idea that he had with his company! Those fences won’t rot, and look pretty decent for some things. Plus it gets rid of a lot of bottles that would end up in the trash if not recycled.

  • warningfakenews

    So- how much did this cost us in government grants? A quick look up showed they got at least one from the PA DEP. Didn’t say how much, though.

      • warningfakenews

        Never! Besides, this doesn’t STOP anything from going to the landfill. It will go there eventually.

        We aren’t running out of places to put trash, either. That’s a liberal lie.


      It is quite obvious that you have never been to the recycling center and seen the many truckloads every day that do not go to the landfill, by the way I never said anything about Running out of space for landfills, it’s just at landfills always pop up in the news and how people are against the landfill, and I like the way that you managed to put a political Twist on it

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