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Performing for Prevention   

WILLIAMSPORT -- Student actors recited their lines on stage at the Black Box Theatre in Williamsport Area High School. They did the short rehearsal for Newswatch 16, but what the students are talking about is the very real and unscripted reality of depression and teenage suicide.

According to school officials, last year, four students in the district committed suicide.

"The school really, it kind of shocked us all, because you always hear about those things but you don't ever think about them happening,” said Anna Vaughn Stewart.

After her classmates' passing, senior Anna Vaughn Stewart knew she wanted to help people cope with the loss. She wrote and directed this one-act play. It's titled, "In Relation to Alex."

"I was thinking of things that I like to do. I like to write. I love drama. I love theater," she said.

"When I read this show, I thought she really has something here," said drama teacher Marie Fox.

Fox has been helping with the show that follows a junior in high school who is suffering with depression.

"This role-play, theater, kids seeing themselves in these other characters, it is so effective," said Fox.

Effective for the audience but also for the actors.

"Before I always saw it like the person was being selfish when really that's not what it's about at all. The person just feels alone and isolated from everyone else," said Rhamir Hatcher.

The actors in the show know there may be someone in the audience who feels alone or knows someone is struggling with depression. It's why after the show they plan to talk to the audience and make sure people know of a way to find help.

"That's such a big thing is that you're not alone. There are people there are resources available to you if you need help please talk to someone," said Vaughn Stewart.

The proceeds from the show this weekend will go to a national counseling program.