No Water For Weeks, ‘We get the same story that they’re taking care of it’

WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- A small trickle of water or no water at all. This has been the case for weeks for some of the people who live at Jackson's Mobile Home Park in Wysox Township. No water for dishes, laundry, or showers.

The affected residents tell Newswatch 16 they're getting little to no help from owners or management. They're having to spend money on water to do basic things, like bathe and clean.

"We're spending upwards of a thousand dollars now well beyond that just being able to shower, cook, flush our toilet things even third world countries can do now and we can't,” says resident Terry Davis.

Residents tell us they've tried contacting the park owner and management for weeks to get a solution.

"And we get the same story that they're taking care of it," says Dave Vragovich, but it's been weeks and still no water.

“I've complained to the owner, we get no phone calls back, the manager would tell us that 'oh somebody's working on it, somebody's working on it he got tired of hearing me complain and he came out and actually came and turned the main water valve off on my trailer,” tells Davis.

With no solution in sight. Residents are having to resort to drastic measures, spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water, hotel rooms, and the laundromat to keep up with everyday chores that can't go undone.

“Even to take sponge baths, having to heat water up on the stove you know it's unbearable,” adds Vragovich.


  • burtfan16

    Hey Terry Davis you have obviously no knowledge of what a third world country is like. People go through their entire life without the simple amenities of life that everyone should have so quit your bitching and go take a sponge bath.

  • mopar driver

    They didn’t bathe before this , now they want to , Intelligent people would go to neighborhood church and ask to fill some water jugs , but lets complain – I would be sure the owners have someone comming ( when they complete thier other jobs) Welfare types just shouldn’t have these hardships .

      • Me myself and i

        My hus band and I both held down decent jobs.we were never on welfare! But I must admit in the last3-4 seemed that the only way to rent there was to be on welfare and drugs.Police there everyday for drugs and overdoses.

  • Taco Salad

    Flint, Michigan went longer by just a few days… errr… years.
    No one cares about them either.
    But then again, they’re brown. Amirite?

    • Flintroit

      Puerto Rico went less days than these poor folks. And these folks are mainland USA. Oh yeah, and about Flint, we don’t care about them. They probably ruined the water like they ruined everything else.

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