Amazon’s HQ2 Will Not Be in Northeastern Pennsylvania

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Amazon will not build its second headquarters in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The online retailer released a short list today of 20 possible locations for the facility, and while Philadelphia and Pittsburgh made the cut, our area did not.

Scranton was one of the 238 cities that submitted a proposal to be the home of Amazon's second headquarters.



  • Bigtiff

    I don’t care about amazon. Put Hardee’s back in Frackville or get that KFC in the mall parking lot already!

    • Weikel

      Yeah, this county needs better places. I think a new Ponderosa or Bonanza will stimulate the county evonomy. The distribution centers really improved the area. Now let’s have the whole enchilada and get a Shoney’s to feed Schuylkill county people properly

  • Fredric

    We have lots of work to do and fast. We were destroyed by Newark, NJ which has more drugs, welfare and less of a work ethic but does have airports and NYC which are important a growing employer.

    Denver, Dallas and San Francisco won’t make it either as their housing costs are exploding so kiss low cost personnel good bye.

    Austin, Texas has major problems with gangs and drugs. Indianapolis has everything except recreational locations. Nashville, TN is the most logical of these mentioned on Bloomberg. More later.

    • 1992

      Yeah Fredric, let’s have Amazon set up shop in the Vo-Tech woods. It’s close to Granny’s Dutch Oven and SEDCO

    • Fredric


      Your point about DFW Metro is well taken. But a sudden influx there would make an 8% annual increase in house costs look tame. Water supplies now are only adequate for an average year. The sales tax is 8.25%. There is no skiing.

      While excellent in the short term, it will cause major upward pressure over the next 5-10 years with creation 25,000-50,000 jobs. Up it will be spectacular to the value of my daughter’s house. Maybe the next she could repay the money I lent her.

  • Pressboxbrian

    This area has really cute streets to beat feet on. Tons of good faces and some really tight places. Oh what a wonderful carwash woods

  • Bezos' Bozos

    And this is really a surprise to anyone? anyone? NEPA is the pedophilia-loving, pedophilia-grooming, pedophilia-promoting, pedophilia-tolerant capital of the US. Coupled with a workforce that is uneducated and drug-addled, any reasonable company would have made the same play (which is, to avoid NEPA). And, of course, the best argument the NEPA responders could make was that the area is prime for a zombie apocalypse.


    I thought the greater hazleton area would be perfect. Some real good news out of there lately in the crime blotter; Also people could live in the skook and commute there. Lots of empty row homes and half doubles up for grabs and great entertainment and dining options for amazon workers if you like doggy do.

  • 1992

    Imagine if Amazon ever met with those putzy slow guys from Sedco! They’d be laughing looking for the hidden cameras. Then they’d be shocked that tax payers waste money on SEDCO.

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