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Winter Wallops Wayne County

HONESDALE -- As R3 Hardware owner Ray Harrington makes good use of his equipment on Main Street in Honesdale, he can't help but remember what this very place looked like less than a week ago.

It was unseasonably warm with folks savored the spring-like temperatures before being jolted back to this wintry reality. Enough snow fell to have to shovel and plow.

"Last week it was 50 and now this week we have 6 inches of snow, good stuff," said Harrington.

The snow kept coming so Keith Pierson dropped by Agway to get some necessities to handle the slick stuff.

"You slip, hurt yourself, salt's cheaper than the hospital," he said.

While the temperatures outside were a bit below freezing and the snow was blowing, inside the greenhouse, Agway employees were getting ready for spring.

"At the same time we're doing the winter stuff, we're getting ready for spring, getting pottery out and grills that people will use in the spring," said Mark Lopatofsky.

It was no school, no problem for some students. Instead of spending the day at home, they geared up at Warehouse 51, a new laser tag venue on Church Street in Honesdale.

"It's fun, gives us something to do in town, usually not a lot of stuff to do, in the winter, great opportunity for kids to do," said senior Kyle Peer.

The business offers a snow day special and has been busy this week for obvious reasons.

"Every snow day we have, we open our doors at 12 o'clock regardless of our normal scheduled hours and give every ticket sale $5," said Megan Gustafson, Warehouse 51.