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Watch: Puerto Rico school erupts in joy when power returns after 112 days

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Staff and students at a school in San Juan erupted with joy in early January when they regained electricity.

The entire island of Puerto Rico lost power after Hurricane Maria tore through in September of 2017.  Academia Bautista Puerto Nuevo, a school that serves around 1,100 students, waited 112 days for their power to return.

The video was posted to the school's Facebook page last week with a message in Spanish calling the moment one of "indisputable joy." Students and instructors alike could be seen celebrating, some running out of classrooms and others ringing bells.

According to a report by Vox, the island wasn't expected to regain all electricity until May 2018.  The island-wide outage was ranked No. 1 on among the "Ten biggest blackouts in U.S. history."


  • Roflmao

    Oh goodie! Now we can charge all those freebies the government trades for votes instead of investing in infrastructure. Keep it up here and the continental USA will be in the same boat soon enough! Funny stuff when them chithole countries have electricity and we don’t.

    • warningfakenews

      You missed the point, now the kids can watch TV in class instead of doing schoolwork, just like their mainland counterparts. This is a big deal, especially to the teachers union!

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