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Sledding on a Snow Day in the Poconos

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The hill behind the Wesleyan Church near Stroudsburg was packed with children playing outside on a day off from school.

The snow made for great sledding conditions that this crew couldn't pass up.

"It's like a big hill that you can sleigh right down and it's like fun to just be here and sleigh down," said Armondo Arostegui, Stroudsburg.

Carla Arostegui from Stroudsburg says she brings her kids here whenever school is closed during the winter.

"This is very good. Better than being home on their iPads so something to do. They had fun. It's cold though," said Arostegui.

"If it's a snow day, we can just play in the snow and I like that stuff," said Robert Rizzieri, Stroudsburg.

While the kids like being out of school and spending the day with their friends, the parents like this hill because it gets their children out of the house.

Connie Butz lives in Henryville but grew up playing on this hill.  She wanted her children to enjoy the same.

"There's only so many things I can come up with or create to have them have a good day. When it's just cold and no snow you can't go outside, but now we have snow," said Butz.


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