Scooping Snow in Schuylkill County

MAHANOY CITY -- Newswatch 16 checked in with folks in Mahanoy City to see how they were handling the snow.

For many in Mahanoy City, the snow was an excuse to try out their new gadgets. Mary Fazio cleaned off her car with a tool she got online.

"With my new Snow Joe, it's very easy (to clean off my car)," Fazio said. "But it's cold."

She said while this snowfall isn't the worst she's seen, it is still a nuisance.

"God giveth and God taketh away," Fazio said. "It's time for Him to take it away now."

On the other hand, people like Lee Williams love the snow. He's helping the borough by snow-blowing sidewalks.

"They can't come in and do the sidewalks and stuff," Williams said. "I mean, the city is overwhelmed with this. They're just not equipped for it."

The borough only has two snow plow operators. Both of the workers were out on-and-off from when the snow started to overnight and all through the day.

"It's been long and tiring, but we just got to keep going and get these roads open and clear," Mahanoy City assistant foreman Larry Levy said.

Levy tells Newswatch 16 the borough is running low on salt because it used a lot of it over the weekend.

"With the demand at the moment, it's taking a little while to get the salt," Levy said. "Hopefully, we have a delivery this week. So, we're being cautious on how we're utilizing the salt supply."

The kids in Mahanoy City had the day off from school and they said you can't have a good snow day without having some fun. Newswatch 16 found a lot of them out sledding.

"It's fun," Mackenzie Kaczmarczyk of Mahanoy City said. "Sometimes it hurts, but most of the time it's fun."

As community members finish digging out, they're hoping for warmer weather.

"We're getting a warm up now," Fazio said. "We'll be able to get our bathing suits out pretty soon and it'll be summertime."

The borough wants to remind people to scoop their snow into a pile to the side of the street instead of tossing it out in the road.



    The real story here is How bout the 100s of blighted rowhomes across the Borough of mahanoy city. A few inches of snow and the roofs could collapse!

  • 1992

    Why don’t they get that hefty lad that would light gasoline on the puuddles in the Frackville baseball field to do the same for snow removal? Or just put old lawn chairs where you don’t want the snow and no one will park there!? Cute folks, good smarts.

  • skookamania2003

    Snow covers up the garbage; which includes lions-head empties and used fruit of the looms at least in this dump.

    • Joe Crea

      How are they supposed to find their stuff in the woods around the Frackville Vo-tech and the cloverleaf’s off I-81 wif all of that snow?
      Come over to my pad….it’s always climate-controlled!

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