Police Track Robbery Suspects in Snow after Violent Assault

WILLIAMSPORT — Two suspects in an assault and robbery are in custody after police in Williamsport tracked them through the snow.

Authorities said Rashawn Logan and Marcquel Olsen assaulted a man in his home on Wyoming Street in Williamsport around 1 a.m. Wednesday after asking to use his phone. When the victim yelled for his roommate, Logan and Olsen took off.

Officers followed their footprints in the snow to Logan’s residence where both men were taken into custody.

They both face robbery and aggravated assault charges in Lycoming County.

The victim was taken to the hospital for head injuries.


  • mopar driver

    Yet another case of the cops protecting a drug dealer I bet , Unless there was another reason to think there was a good haul there and they could get away ( and he let them in at 1 am.) ? Them’s good white names right ? I am surprised cops followed a trail , My friend had to do it himself once and then call the cops back to the scene , Good for the cops anyway .

  • Jimmyc

    Lol, it’s expected from these animals!!! Did we expect something positive from ” these people” .. they make me sick!!!!

  • Violent assault

    Rashawn, Marcquel, and violent assault. All words that we’ve grown accustomed to going together. So after all Martin and Rosa have done, after all the flags and statues have come down, speeches from Oprah, and eight years of a (half) black President, certain members of a certain race continue to act if they’re still in the Congo. Productive civilized members of society, or animals?

  • Sad Times

    Evil comes on all colors, but it truly does seem Minorities commit the Majority or Crime, Violence, etc. and YES there are EVIL white people also, just saying, if you read the news each day in NEPA, it always seems more times than not, the violence is from Minorities sadly

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