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BETHLEHEM -- The first of Pennsylvania's 52 stores selling medical marijuana products opened Wednesday in the Lehigh Valley.

The opening of Keystone Canna Remedies a few blocks from downtown Bethlehem puts medical marijuana one step closer to patients who need it, according to its owner.

"Our focus was always patient education," said Victor Guadagnino,  Keystone Canna Remedies.

The facility opened Wednesday to kick off patient education.

Special rooms for classes like "Vaporizing 101" will start soon, so those who have prescriptions for the drug can better know how and how much to take.

"Cannabis is medicine. Marijuana is medicine, and we want the patient experience to be very positive so we can start giving patients the access they deserve," said Bradley Carlson, Keystone Canna Remedies.

Officials believe 12,000 people in our state will soon have access to prescriptions for the drug that will be processed in liquid, oil, and pill forms.

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Patients in Northampton County can expect to be able to receive medical marijuana sometime in February when growing and processing operations across the state are expected to begin producing marijuana.

"This is a medical program for patients with serious medical conditions, and medical marijuana will provide one more tool in the toolbox for physicians to be able to help patients," said acting Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.

Of the six dispensaries in our area, the Justice Grown Shop in the Gateway Plaza in Edwardsville could be the first in our area to open. Its owner tells Newswatch 16 it could get final approval from the state to open in February with the ability to sell prescription marijuana products about two weeks after opening.

The Keystone Center of Integrative Wellness expects to open its dispensary in Williamsport in March at a location it plans to name soon.

The owner of a dispensary in Scranton, which also plans to open satellite shops in Wilkes-Barre and in Monroe County has not said when it plans to open its facilities.


  • catch 22

    if you register for this you cant register for that
    you can’t have your guns & your dope too

  • Jayboneski

    Thanks Tom Wolf. Watch the “back injuries” rise in NEPA. The revenue gains will surely be offset by the additional burden of new “disability” cases. More lazy, unproductive dependents is the Democrats goal anyway.

  • Shawn Jones

    They take theTHC out of it hear in Pennsylvania so they won’t be open long can’t help depression with out THC so it’s no good buy it illegal like people been doing for hundreds of year and keep your guns

  • trucker

    “Justice Grown Shop in the Gateway Plaza”…how appropriate for a gateway drug.
    Thank you Susan for your post

  • Public Eddykashun

    I just want to be notified when they have a 20% off sale on Maui Wowie. Is there a website to sign up for newsletters?

  • Unorthodox The Rebel

    About time now we need to legalize it for recreational use so we don’t have worry about the state budget because you don’t see Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon having budget issues

    • Don't Bogart

      Ever lived in any of those states? No? Because the cost of living is so outrageous that it’s impossible.

      Neil Young said it best, “Homegrown is the way it should be.” We can all claim a new type of Amish. Love it.

      • Susan

        My daughter does and was hit by a driver high on medical marijuana who then fled the scene as dui includes marijuana use of any kind! She could have been killed along with her baby! She lives in Washington state where use is rampant and auto accidents have increased exponentially as well as crime! So how is this drug not as harmful as other street drugs? Marijuana is a gateway drug to harder illegal drugs. I know what goes on in Washington state and it is awful! My daughter is afraid to drive as 50% of drivers or more are high on “legal” marijuana! This is a real problem and now it is going to happen in our state! Let me know if you feel the same way when one of your loved ones is killed or maimed by someone high on “legal” marijuana and then tell me how wonderful it was to legalize a street drug! I am not a fan. Sorry. I have been thru cancer too so that excuse does not work for me either. Sorry.

      • Carp

        SMDH maybe you are the ignorant one? Well your use of grammar shows through to that. You didn’t even read Susan’s post, just quick to spout. Let’s hope you or one of your family members gets hit by someone high huh? That would be karma at it’s best.

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