Former WEA, Cinram Plant to Close

OLYPHANT -- A company in Lackawanna County that has provided all kinds of entertainment for decades is expected to close its doors for good later this year.

The plant in Olyphant started with records and cassettes before moving to CDs and DVDs.

A lot's changed at the one-million-square-foot plant in Olyphant. The name's changed several times. It's now owned by the French company Technicolor.

There is only a fraction of the thousands of employees that used to work there. 160 employees will be laid off in March. Now, Technicolor confirms that the entire plant will eventually close.

The plant, better known around here by one of its previous names--Cinram, WEA, or Specialty Records--used to be an anchor for other businesses.

Cafe Lilah opened just a few weeks ago next door to the plant.

"We just started delivering. That was one of the newest things we added on, and they were one of our first orders. So, that's kind of a bummer. I mean, they're right down there. It's definitely easier to deliver to someone down the street," said co-owner Justine Jones.

Peg Stankiewicz now works for Olyphant borough. She was laid off from Cinram in 2005 after a 25-year career.

"They just pulled you into an office like you were cattle and by the time you got back to your computer it was off, and you were gone with your box," Stankiewicz said.

Stankiewicz started by making cassettes, then CDs and DVDs. She blames streaming services for the plant's demise.

"I think technology did it. Things just went too far too fast, and it was just pretty sad for all the people in the end," Stankiewicz added.

Technicolor officials have not said when the Olyphant plant will close, but workers expect it to happen sooner rather than later.


  • What it be

    Where are they sending the machinery to that’s the real question we all seen the same story before.
    Once they got a taste of that cheap labor there fate was sealed only a matter of holding out and taking there time moving so they wouldn’t have to submit to NAFTA officials. My last company did the same thing they purchased factories in Mexico and China waited a few years then told us that we can’t compete with China- Mexico.
    We never received NAFTA benefits just a small severance package and a kick in the A**.
    The town hall meeting in Jessup was a big joke they said they didn’t know anything about that.
    Fake news award goes to Times,ABC and WNEP LOL!

  • HaynaDude

    At one time the greater Scranton area had a Chamber of Commerce that actually worked. They’ve been asleep at the switch for the past ten years.

  • M. S.

    So, instead of hoping that these jobs come back and Trump will save us, why can’t we be more innovative and think ahead here in NEPA? The President and Congress can do nothing to bring these jobs back. We once were innovative back 100 years ago. PA was developing jobs with the cutting-edge technology of the day. The area prospered and people had good jobs. Inevitable that streaming would put disc makers out of business. So why didn’t anyone see this coming. All politics is local, so what our our local community leaders doing to attract new jobs, get more people to college, and grow? This is just going to keep happening no matter who is in the White House. High skilled and higher wage jobs is the way to go…and it can be done. Build the community colleges and help people earn more certificates and short-term programs. We did it before and we can do it again. Not easy but what is the alternative other than young people leaving the area and continued decline of the quality of life?

    • warningfakenews

      Newsflash: US unemployment lowest level since 1973, Black unemployment lowest in recorded history. So much for that.

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