Fight Between Four Males Leads to Two Injured, Two in Custody

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HAZLETON -- A brawl in Hazleton sent two people to the hospital and two others into police custody.

The Hazleton police chief says one victim was stabbed and the other was grazed by a bullet.

Hazleton police cruisers sat in the middle of East Green Street for hours on Wednesday.

Investigators pulled two teenage boys out of a house after two other males were found injured and sitting in a Jeep around 3:30 p.m.

The Hazleton police chief believes there was some type of fight involving the four. One male got stabbed in the hand. Another had his ankle grazed by a bullet.

People living on the block were wondering what led to all the commotion.

“I looked out there. They were blocking off the alleyway,” said Eugene Lombardo, Jr. “Then my wife called me from work and asked if we were OK, and I said, 'Why? What's going on?' And she goes, 'There was either a shooting or a stabbing or something.'”

“Police cars, sitting like they are right now,” said Manuel Payano. “And then detectives, I think they arrived.”

Police say the two injured males went to the hospital to be checked out. A short time later, neighbors reported seeing two teens running into 127 East Green Street.

The chief says a 17 year old and 16 year old were removed from that house as well as three females. All were taken to police headquarters while investigators searched the home.

Hazleton police charged them with aggravated assault and related charges. They are being charged as adults.

Many say there's too much violence in the city.

“Yes, especially with my daughter, we don't know who to have her play with, who not to have her play with,” said Lombardo.

Lombardo says he doesn't let his daughter go to the Pine Street Playground just two blocks away. In September, a man was killed there.

“There's a lot of activities. She never goes down there because of that,” said Lombardo.

Other neighbors agree.

“They have a playground,” said Payano. “There’s some business going on. Sometimes people say they smoke. They sniff. It's a very hot spot down there.”


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