Avoiding an Icy Injury

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GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER -- Slippery road conditions have kept hospitals' emergency rooms busy, not only dealing with injuries from crashes, but also from slips and falls in the icy conditions.

Shoveling snow can be a headache, but slipping and falling can cause a headache or much worse.

"Anything from some major trauma from car accidents to minor slips and falls, people with bruised ribs or broken ribs from standing on ice," said Dr. Mark Olaf, Geisinger Medical Center.

Dr. Olaf says they've treated plenty of ice-related injuries so far this winter season, adding that with black ice, it can be hard to tell where it's slippery.

Health officials say to avoid ice-related injuries, salt your walkways properly and, of course, to watch your step.

"I think the best way to approach winter injuries, along with any type of injuries, is prevention, so the more you can do to prevent that fall, the better you'll be."

We caught up with some people out shoveling snow in Danville who agree that taking your time and putting salt down will help keep you out of the hospital.

"Oh, very treacherous, a lot of slipping and falling," said Josh Rogers. "You got to put a lot of salt down and that will take care of that problem."

At Goodwill Hose Company in Danville, volunteers say it's important to clear paths early and often so they can respond quickly during an emergency.

"One thing that we do try to do is to keep the parking lot as clear as possible so that our members and volunteers are not put in any additional harm when they respond to calls," said Deanna Force.

The key to avoiding hospital bills and stays is as easy as watching your step and taking your time.

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  • warningfakenews

    “The key to avoiding hospital bills and stays is as easy as watching your step and taking your time.”

    If it were that simple, that would be great. Thanks for the nanny state nothing-burger.

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