Winter Weather Makes for Rough Road Conditions in Wayne County

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP -- People are pretty used to snow and ice on the roads this time of year. It's the norm for the Rileyville area north of Honesdale.

Drive a little farther north, and conditions worsen on state roads, including Route 191.

"The roads have been terrible," said Emalee Gill. "We've been reaching out to PennDOT and they did come out finally but it took long enough."

Gill serves up lunches at the general store in Equinunk. She's not too happy with the situation on the main roads, including Route 191.

"Business slows down, definitely slows down. Nobody wants to get out of their car. They keep going."

PennDOT crews spent Monday clearing a major ice buildup on Route 191, but road crews for Manchester Township tell Newswatch 16 the rest of the state roads need attention as well.

"A lot of the state roads are in sad shape," said Manchester Township supervisor Harold Hawley. "They aren't putting enough salt on them to cut the ice. It's kind of like we're the forgotten area."

Pine Mill Road near Equinunk, a state road, has had icy conditions or worse since Saturday. Road crews say they're busy tending to other trouble spots and Route 191.

PennDOT crews were loading up around 1 p.m. to go out and handle the new snow, but some hope the state roads get a bit better than they've been.

A spokesperson for PennDOT says Wayne County has 26 trucks with 60 employees who've been working since Friday dealing with a difficult mix of freezing rain, ice, and snow.

Also, PennDOT prioritizes which areas to handle based on the amount of traffic.


  • Jd

    So, I live on about a three mile stretch of state road. It takes awhile for the local yokel to jack his arse outa bed, but once he does…he goes up & down, up & down, plowing, salting & plowing & salting,what he just finished ,”plowing and salting”. I think they should have a better plan?

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