Two Dead in Northumberland County Crash

COAL TOWNSHIP -- Two people are dead after a crash in Northumberland County.

Police said a minivan slid on the snow-covered road, crossed into oncoming traffic, and collided with a tractor trailer on Route 54 in Coal Township around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police said two people in the minivan were killed--an adult and a child. Two others in the van were taken to the hospital. The driver of the tractor trailer was not hurt.

Route 54 was closed between Elysburg and Mount Carmel for hours while police investigated. It is now back open.


  • Concerned Citizen

    First of Minivans are horrible for winter weather. 2nd of all the minivan crossed into oncoming traffic hitting the truck. Therefore unfortunately for those people they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. How about the fact that the truck driver now has to live with the fact that he was involved in an accident that killed two people even though he wasn’t at fault… perhaps Penndot should better spend their money on snow crews and equipment..

  • Guess Work

    Two people passed away, and these are the comments? The truck driver making a living to pay his bills, the van occupants traveling in a vehicle that has been engineered to handle winter conditions. Accidents happen. There is no intent to harm others. Have any of you seen how they clean the Autobahn during a snowfall? That tax money that we have been seemingly throwing away could surely improve our travel standards while nobody is pointing out the fact that a film crew traveled the same road to report on other people’s tragic life altering events. Crackhead logic.

    • Talk to the wall

      The travel during the Winter in Germany is planned for. You would think that there would be a better system to save lives and property in PA the same way but there is not. Your governor just delivered a check that could have saved lives instead of making political gains. This is why American budgets are falling. You give money away too easy with nothing in return.

  • Pa is poo

    Seeing as Pennsylvania’s drivers have proven themselves over and over to be unresponsible drivers during winter weather, the State should pass a law that calls for all drivers to stay off from all roads until 12 hours after last snowfall.

  • Earl Simmons

    Its winter weather, they should not have been on that road at all. Its an infamous death hill, weather rain, snow or ice. State knows it, locals know it, yet it still stays open only until an incentive happens

    • Duh

      So how do explain all of the people who successfully navigated that road before and after this incident? Typical Democrat/liberal thinking.

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