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Snow Plow Trucks Out in Full Force in Luzerne County

PITTSTON -- Snow plow trucks were out in full force on Tuesday in Luzerne County. Plenty of people also spent their day scraping ice off of sidewalks, too.

James Fencher was one of them. He was busy Tuesday morning shoveling up snow and ice in Pittston. He even had a strategy to get the job done.

“It's just basically getting the ice off and then I'm going to put rock salt on it to fix it,” Fencher said.

He wasn’t the only one. Allstate Insurance agency owner Leo Sperrazza spent a good deal of time making sure the entrance was clear for his customers, too.

“Initially, it was like trying to chip away at rock. So what I did was sprinkle some ice melt on first, let that work a little bit and then it was much easier to chip the ice away and clear the sidewalks after that,” Sperrazza said.

No matter what the weather brings, city officials said they have road crews on call 24/7.

“Well, we've actually used more salt already this year than all of last year up to the blizzard, but we have a contract and the supplier is providing as we need it,” Pittston director of operations David Hines said.

Regardless, people in Pittston said there has been less traffic on the roads and sidewalks because of the weather, which insurance agent Leo Sperrazza said is a good thing.

“Probably for the best from an insurance standpoint yes, the less they're on the roads and on the slush, the better. Less claims and accidents,” Sperrazza said.

City officials in Pittston said their crews will be out clearing the streets throughout the night and into Wednesday.

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