Snow Day in Forest City

FOREST CITY -- Most kids will do just about anything for a snow day, and Tuesday, a lot of students in the area got one.

It was a neighborhood party at the Old Church Hill in Forest City Tuesday. Chrstie St. Hilaire texted her neighbors and said to get dressed, get your sleds, and meet at 1 p.m.

"We're breaking cabin fever! It's finally warm enough to come sledding. They've tried. It's been so cold. They last 10 minutes, then they're back in the house," St. Hilaire said.

In Forest City, the kids were out and about early embracing the snow.

"Today we're walking around, just going for a little walk. I've been sliding in the snow and eating the snow," fourth grader Aaliyah Mead said.

"I have big plans to just roll around in the snow today. Play in it, shovel it," said second grader Eliza Miller.

Forest City Area Emergency Services said the main roads are doing OK, but they are still trying to get the secondary roads cleared from the ice last weekend. The snow day alert went out around 5 a.m. Tuesday.

"I work at the school, so it's both exciting and, 'Oh, I have to miss work,' at the same time," St. Hilaire said.

Last year, the Forest City Regional School District had 17 snow days, bringing the end of the school year to the end of June. So far this year, there have been four snow days.

"As far as I know, this pushes it back to I believe June 14 to get out," St. Hilaire said.

Just about the only Forest City students bummed about a snow day were the seniors. Over the summer, construction on the school pushed the students' start date back almost three weeks. The students did not start until the end of September, pushing the graduation date back, too.

"Our graduation is obviously going to get pushed back even further if we keep having these snow days, and we have plans after graduation, like parties and stuff like that that we want to be able to plan ahead of time," Forest City Senior Madison Gasper said.