People in Poconos React After Two Violent Crimes in One Day

MONROE COUNTY -- Neighbors say they still cannot believe what happened at a home in Coolbaugh Township Friday.

Police say 63-year-old Freddie Simmons shot and killed a 16-year-old girl believed to be his niece before killing himself. There has been no explanation about a possible motive.

Lancelot Fortune has just been arrested for the slaying of his aunt and step-uncle the same day in Pocono Township. Police say he stabbed the two to death.

That made for two violent and bloody crimes the very same day, both in Monroe County.

"That's just really crazy. It's bizarre. You don't really think of things like that happening in the Poconos, so that really surprises me,” said Rick Brandes of Barrett Township.

"I've lived here pretty much my entire life and I've never heard too many stories like that. It's kind of shocking. You think of the Poconos as this quiet little neighborhood so when stuff like that happens, it's always kind of awe-striking,” said Chris Ramsdale of Pocono Township.

While some people said they are shocked by what has happened here in the Poconos, others said nothing surprises them anymore.

“I mean I hate to see it happen, especially with living here my whole life, but not super surprised with it. It's just crazy how it happens around here,” said Stephen Ducey of Pocono Summit.

Fortune is locked up. Investigators say after stabbing his aunt and step-uncle to death, he drove to the Philadelphia area and watched a movie before driving back to the Poconos. He was arrested Monday night.

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