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No More Suds at Black Creek

BLACK CREEK TOWNSHIP -- The sudsy situation at Black Creek is no more, but it is still the talk of the community.

"It looked like it was snowing huge snowflakes," Peggy Buchman of Black Creek Township said. "Ghosts were floating around town."

The soapy suds showed up late last week. Over the weekend, they washed away.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said that the foam came from the nearby Henkle Corporation that makes detergents and soaps. It used to be known as the "Dial plant."

Henkle representatives tell Newswatch 16 they did find a separation in a line at their plant near Hazleton. They said they fixed the problem but will also replace the entire line.

Representatives also tell Newswatch 16 they believe the foam is not all Henkle's fault. In a statement, they said:

"Since it appears unlikely that Henkel’s on-site sewer pipe was the sole source of the cause of the foam, Henkel is working closely with the GHJSA (Greater Hazleton Joint Sewer Authority) to further evaluate the GHJSA’s common sewer main that serves multiple facilities including our own."

Henkle Representatives also said the company will not be releasing wastewater into the sewer system until the investigation is finished.

The DEP took samples of the suds to make sure they are not harmful. The agency said those results have not come back yet.


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