Michigan father of two deported after living in U.S. for 30 years

DETROIT – A family is torn apart after immigration officials deported a Michigan father who had lived in the United States for three decades, according to WXYZ.

Jorge Garcia came to the United States illegally with his parents when he was 10 years old. He’s now 39. He arrived one year before he could qualify under DACA. He has a wife and two children who are United States citizens.

Monday morning, the Garcia family had a family friend drive them to the airport, where they had been told Jorge would be deported.

Cindy Garcia said the moment didn’t feel real until the ICE agents stepped up to take him.

“That’s when the tears just started flowing, because we knew that was going to be it it wasn’t much that we could do,” said Cindy Garcia.

Cindy said she and her husband have been working since 2005 to help Jorge become a legal citizen.

He’s regularly checked in with ICE agents and filed extensions.

“In total we’ve given immigration over $125,000,” said Cindy Garcia.

Cindy said some bad legal help set them back and they’ve never had a clear path to citizenship for Jorge. Which means they’ve been checking in for years, hoping to find a solution. “We’ve never done anything without the permission from immigrations, because anytime we leave the city you have to tell them where you are going,” said Cindy Garcia.

The last time the family checked in with immigration agents in November, they told them Jorge would have to leave on January 15th.

Cindy said agents said because Jorge doesn’t have a criminal record, he could stay through the Christmas holiday.

Cindy said, 12-year-old Jorge Jr. and 15-year-old Soleil are devastated.

“It’s a nightmare, they’re sad, they’re depressed, they don’t really comprehend everything that’s going on, all they know is their dad is gone and they don’t know when they’re going to see him again,” said Cindy Garcia.

Cindy said she is working on getting Jorge back to the U.S. but it’s going to be at least 18 months until she get a hearing with consulate.

WXYZ contacted the local immigration office on Monday, but they were unable to comment on Garcia’s case.


  • Jimmyc

    Obviously he didn’t belong here like just about all of em!!! Go trump!!!! And just for the record…. WE SPEAK ENGLISH IN AMERICA!!!!

  • New name new SS#

    They won’t become a citizen because then they would have to pay taxes, they have our system down to a science even better then my accountant. They work here tax free and free health care, welfare etc. Section eight free heat and food.
    Send most of there cash back home and stick it to us when they get a free ride back to there sh** hole country.
    Follow the white rabbit back to the money hole!

  • mopar driver

    So if he was here 30 years , what about them back taxes ? And who paid for his kids ,births ? What a group of lowlifes to cry foul now !!! Lady sleep with illegals and get burned , Feel free to go to your “husbands” country . Wah Wah – HA Ha !!!

  • Just an amused observer!

    They do not have to split up. His family is welcome to join him. Liberals are all about emotion laws don`t mean anything, but no problem in a month or so he`ll sneak back across the border and rejoin them in a sanctuary city of their choice and pick up where they left off.

  • warningfakenews

    Put it this way, CNN, even if this story was true- and considering your track record- that would be an exception to the rule- but even if it’s true, it does not mean that we, as a nation, are willing to accept unlimited immigrants from everywhere, as the dems are pushing for.

    We’re tired of the floodgates being wide open. We tired of seeing our citizen’s voices and votes being watered down by your new dependent class, and we’re tired of the huge waste of resources in welfare, medical care, and schooling.

  • Cheryl Lesher

    Sorry, but I have no sympathy for him. In 30 years, he couldn’t have found the time to become a citizen?? He had all the chances in the world to apply for citizenship, but he thought we’d never do anything to him. Well…..it’s time to pay the piper.

  • Dave M

    He’s just getting a free flight back home like a vacation back home, he will be back under a different fake name and work for another 30 yr’s tax free.
    Build the wall!

  • Sad Times

    One question, what the hell prevented this man from becoming a Citizen ? I would think after 30 years I would want to become a Citizen to stay with my Wife and Kids, rather than be deported ! It is sad, seeing that footage, but again what the hell prevented a person from becoming a Citizen in 30 years ? To avoid being shipped away from your family

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      They don’t WANT to become citizens and assimilate. They want to retain their culture rot they bring into our country and that’s why the demonrats want them here. They make great weapons against our republic.

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