Man Admits to Taking Ecstasy before Deadly Crash

TOWANDA -- A man admitted causing a head-on crash that killed three people, including his young son, in Bradford County.

Phillip Frisbie, 40, of Towanda pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle while DUI. He admitted to taking ecstasy before the crash.

Investigators say Frisbie's car crossed into the oncoming lane and slammed into another car in July 2016.

The driver of the other car, Sarah Heasley, 31, and her husband, Clifton Heasley Jr., 31, were killed. Their child was survived the crash.

Frisbie's 7-year-old son Logan also died in the crash.


  • Did he learn a damn thing ...

    Yet this person still remains on the streets working and living a normal life. He still has to be charged with his sons death ..I hope this piece of s#%t regrets life every day. He best live his last days before he goes to jail , I bet he has a rough road a head of him. I hope… Its UN real you can kill 3 people and be free for almost 2 years and get a few years behind bars . ONLY a few year sentsentencing only in the county of BRADFORD COUNTY… Drugs are just a slap on the hand

  • Soapy Bubble Beer Stein

    Isn’t someone at his age a little OLD to be doing something so reckless and foolhardy? I mean, don’t people usually outgrow this idiocy to indulge in who-knows-what-is-in-that-tablet illegal substances?

    And, here, he killed his own son because of his selfish stupidity. There is no punishment too great for this fool. Watch and learn, boys and girls, as grownups make deadly decisions. This is NOT what we aspire to, kids.

  • III%

    Trump would consider Bradford County a sh¡thole county where you can kill somebody and get a year in prison be crucified for being late with child support and the dandy mini mart parking lots are a virtual flea market of drugs

    • SMDH

      Yeah, go ahead and bring Trump into this horrible story as if it has ANY relevance whatsoever. You are a useful idiot in the machine of the mindless lefties who couldn’t pass a current events quiz if they were given the right anwers. Instead, like the rest of the unintelligent zombies just parrot the stupidity of others and let your real bias show and for God’s sake, don’t have intelligent, cogent, original thought of your own. You may be III% alright—that would be the lowest three percent of IQ in the herd.

  • Alpa Chino

    Hopefully he leaves prison in a wooden box. That is the only way to settle this situation fairly. Piece of sh*t. Let’s have some prison justice and I hope he never has a smile on his ugly, drug addicted, face. Doesn’t deserve anything but death. Scumbag!!

  • Jodie

    This person should have not been on the streets and working as long as he was . he got to have his pay check….. That should have gone to the Heasley children who were left parent less because of another junkie in Bradford county . they should have received his pay not a lawyer why should people like him have any rights … Because he lives in Bradford county the most crooked county out there . lets give the drug attics more rights why dont we….. Welcome to BRADFORD COUNTY Y’ALL

    • Towanda

      Jodie is absolutely correct. Bradford county is one of, if not the most, crooked counties in the commonwealth. From law enforcement to judges to lawyers. I can’t believe the can of worms hasn’t been opened yet.

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