Driver Sentenced for Deadly Crash

ORWELL TOWNSHIP -- A driver was sentenced to prison for a deadly crash in Bradford County.

Tyler Freeman of Aliquippa must serve at least a year in prison.

A judge sentenced him Monday for homicide by vehicle. Freeman pleaded guilty in November.

His pickup hit a motorcycle head-on back in May 2017 near Rome.

Two people on the bike were killed.


  • III%

    It’s just a matter of time before somebody else gets killed on 187 between the gasholes thinking the speed limit doesn’t pertain to them or the wanna be redneck millennials who tailgate those who adhere to the speed limit and we can’t forget the idiots that pass in no passing zones because they need their coffee or drugs at the wysucks dandy

  • Bill K.

    One year in jail for killing two people. I don’t give a damn about repentance or forgiveness or rehabilitation. I want only one thing…revenge. If someone can kill two people and get only one year in prison there is no justice.

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