Suspected Walmart Thieves Surrender

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HONESDALE -- A couple accused of stealing a woman's credit cards and cash turned themselves over to authorities in Wayne County.

Robert Doerwald of Forest City and Dawn Hosie of Carbondale were not expecting Newswatch 16 to be at the state police barracks when they arrived.

The couple was there to speak with investigators after a security camera photo aired on Newswatch 16 Friday. It shows Hosie and her fiance on scooters going into the Walmart in Dickson City.

State police say the pair used another woman's credit card and asked for the public's help to identify them.

"I never do stuff like this. I don't know what came over me that day," Dawn Hosie said.

Hosie was upset and wanted to apologize for doing something she says is way out of her character taking full responsibility for the theft.

"I wanted to turn myself in for the girl's charge card I used. And I wanted to tell her how deeply sorry I am. I know I wouldn't want it done to me. I can imagine what she went through knowing it was gone."

According to troopers, a woman lost her purse at the Walmart near Honesdale on January 4. The very same day, the couple is alleged to have used the credit cards in that purse to make purchases at McDonald's as well as another Walmart in Dickson City.

"I feel terrible and embarrassed. I hate myself," Hosie added. "I want her forgiveness because I'm deeply sorry to her. I don't feel brave. I wish I never did it not because I'm caught. I feel like scum."

Troopers tell Newswatch 16 charges are pending against the Hosie and Doerwald.


  • Just an amused observer!

    She showed remorse and they both turned themselves in saving taxpayers from having to hunt them down. They accepted responsibility which is more than most do when charged certainly some compassion could be shown if they made restitution paid a fine in my view justice would be served, but of course that would be up to the person who was the victim. If the victim is OK with that and was made whole I don`t believe they would be repeat offenders.

  • Earl Simmons

    OK, she made her public statement, shes obviously clean and free of the wrong. Gawd bless her my arse! Now, sign here up for some gastro surgury!

  • Carp

    I always sneered at the obese people who take the motorized scooters that I thought are supposed to be for the elderly. This only furthers my disdain for them. Lazy pigs. Dawn Hosie, no surprise. You feel like scum because you are.

    • Lynda

      Some people know it all…don’t they? Have you considered that maybe people with disabilities (legs or backs) become overweight because of their disability (not being able to get around) and weight has nothing to do with their use of the motorized carts? Not all overweight people use carts just like not all cart users are just overweight. Some really do have disabilities and some of those WITH disabilities do are overweight. Some disabilities are not visable. It’s not a cut and dry issue.

  • barb

    If the DA buys this “I am SO sorry” and doesnt seek jail/fine, then we need a new DA.
    Hold people like this responsible for their crimes.

  • D3eznutz

    Used @ McDonalds , honestly didn’t see that coming. However I am glad they wore their best outfit , at least the troopers can identify them perfectly.

  • John

    I think they should give the money back lesson learned I believe.I don’t think these are the worst people it was a mistake move forward tough times.. Bad mistake..


    They should have just taken the cash instead of the credit card, the credit card is very easy to trace. cash isn’t.

  • U.S. Citizen

    What no scooters today. It’s time you two bums got a job and worked for what you want and stop stealing from hard working folks. Your family must be so proud to see your picture all over the news. There are many words to describe people like you but I’ll refrain from saying them

  • Kimberly

    I guess the government check doesn’t give them enough to cover their expenses, they need to steal from people?

  • El-Ma

    I am amazed at the cheek of this pair – no pun intended, I swear. To show up carrying a beverage mug is either clear evidence of their arrogance, or their ignorance. Neither has enough sense to even LOOK ashamed. I would write that they’re white trash, but they seem so porcine to me. Not descriptive enough.

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