Pottsville Announces Plan to Build Movie Theater Downtown

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POTTSVILLE -- The city of Pottsville and the managers of the Pearl Theatre have announced they are hoping to open a theater in downtown Pottsville.

Things were somber at the Pearl Theatre at the Schuylkill Mall on its last day, but there is hope in sight.

"The last week or two, morale has started to dwindle away," theater manager Zachary Gilbert said. "Now, we are starting to get a little more positive, especially if it ends up happening in the near future."

The theater announced it was closing for good last week. However, the mall's management and Pottsville city leaders just announced plans to build a new version of the Pearl Theatre in downtown Pottsville.

"(It's) something that we've been working on for quite a few months now, and it's coming to fruition, I think," Pottsville Mayor James Muldowney said. "There is still a lot of work to be done."

The hope is to build the theater in the space of a parking garage on Mahantongo Street. It was closed because the building was found to be structurally unsafe. The parking garage has been closed for more than a year now. About six months ago, the Yuengling Brewery announced it was going to donate up to $2.8 million dollars to fix it.

Business owners in downtown Pottsville are excited about the possibility of the theater moving downtown.

"The foot traffic that the Pearl Theatre is going to bring to town is definitely going to enhance the business climate in downtown Pottsville," restaurant owner Savas Logothetides said.

Logothetides not only owns two restaurants in downtown Pottsville, but he also serves as the executive director of Pottsville Area Development Corporation. He said the first three floors of the new garage will be for parking, while the theater would be on top.

"There's a lot of work to be done still," Logothetides said. "Securing the funding and ensuring that all the logistics are completed, but we've definitely taken a step in the right direction."

The city plans to start demolishing the old parking garage soon. The mayor said there is no estimated completion date on the proposed project yet.


  • 1992

    The Frack pool can just show movies in the deep end. Money saved, problem solved. Now get those potholes filled and get the parked cars off main street before you go to Romans!

  • Tax Money

    This is the most frivolous waste of money with the exception of upgrading public offices.

    Do these idiots understand that NOBODY goes to theaters, anymore, except to record the movies and then post them onto streaming free websites? Who would want to spend $50 to sit in a theater with a friend or date, these days?

    Foolish, foolish waste of money.

    • January

      Clearly you have never been to the movie theater when it was at the Frackville Mall. That place was always packed. There is nothing to do in this area and this is a great idea. People are always going out of the area to spend their money on attractions, its about time the money stays here. If you are true movie lover, you still want to see the movies in theater no matter how much it costs.

      • WAYNE S

        Another person who never left the skook. Yes movie theatre’s were cool in the early 1990s. Schuylkill county is always 25 years behind most of America. Wake up!!! And look at the Schuylkill mall it is closed. That is how popular the retail spaces were there. Give me a break. Wake up!!!

  • Votech woodsman

    Whoever shat pants left their soiled fruit of the looms on the slam-slam bush. Smells like Miller’s hot bologna

    • WAYNE S

      I seriously dont understand the vision of the Schuylkill County area. it makes absolutely no sense. its like this area is 25 years behind most of the rest of the country. 95 percent of the leadership (City and Borough council, Sedco, County commissioners, Chamber members etc) never lived out of state or even the immediate area that is the problem, No doubt definitely blinders on.


    Pottsville is going no where seriously, In the era of Amazon prime, Netflix, red-box and the 100 other online movie applications. A movie theater anchoring the downtown isnt cool anymore’ maybe in 1995. pottsville is backward. all you can eat cheesesammys and mobile apps for parking in town full of the elderly isnt gonna make this place great again.

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