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Pocono Pony Expands Services

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The Monroe County Transit Authority has a new bus route for people who ride the Pocono Pony.

Officials with the Monroe County Transit Authority say the new "Violet Route" will help passengers who need to get to medical centers around the county, including St. Luke's Monroe Campus near Stroudsburg.

"The goal of this route is to provide service to the new Lehigh Valley Health Network East Stroudsburg plazas, as well as the medical center plazas, Coordinated Health, so we can get folks to the doctor's office in those areas, and we are really excited by that," said Richard Schlameuss, Monroe County Transit Authority.

Because of the holiday and the fact that the route is new, bus drivers say it was a slow day for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Pocono Pony officials say once people take notice of the change, it will be beneficial to riders in more ways than one.

"What we've done is expand the routes and times a little bit, so now it's an hour and 15 minutes versus an hour, and that allows all of our buses to come in and meet and transfer properly so people don't miss the bus," Schlameuss said.

In addition to launching the Violet Route, Pocono Pony also added another stop to its Blue Route, at the Mountain Center near Tobyhanna.

The Mountain Center is home to a food pantry, Head Start programs, and Pocono Services for Families and Children.

Officials say because of the center's distance, it took some time to figure out which route would work best.

"We knew we needed to add it in there. It was just trying to figure out how to do that, so we chose to go the one hourĀ and 15 minute route versus adding a new service or anything like that," Schlameuss explained.

Click here for a list of service times for the Violet Route and other routes provided by the Pocono Pony.

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