Mother Charged After Kids Call for Help

TAMAQUA — Audrey Warner, 35, of Tamaqua is charged with endangering the welfare of her four children.

It was December 29 when cops say they were called to Warner’s apartment. Inside, they say they found three empty 20-ounce cans of alcohol, a visibly intoxicated Warner, and four kids, ages 11, 6, 5, and 2.

“Having kids myself, it’s horrible, pretty horrible thing,” said Steve Schickram, a neighbor and father of five.

“To leave your children there is just absolutely horrible. It’s heart-breaking,” said neighbor Lauren Pavalko.

Officers say Warner’s 11-year-old daughter called her grandmother for help, telling her Warner had been drinking for “three days straight,” and refusing to “let them eat.”

The grandmother called police.

That 11-year-old told police, “Please take us to my grandmother. My mother beats us and makes us stay up in the attic all the time.”

“The kids would come down, knock on my door, say mom is drunk and passed out again. They need help. I would take them in for a little bit until she would wake up again,” said Jennifer Cruz.

Cruz says she often helped Audrey Warner and her children. She even called police when she herself could not get Warner to wake up.

Cruz lives downstairs from Warner’s apartment and says she would hear disturbing things.

“You can hear it. It’s thin walls here, so you can hear everything. I didn’t want to get involved, but when someone comes to me and asks for help, you know you can’t turn them away and I feel horrible. The one time I did turn them away and tell them to go back upstairs, she was across the street buying alcohol and they were left upstairs alone,” said Cruz.

According to police reports, Warner has two other children, who have lived with her mother since they were infants.

“It’s not that she’s a bad mom because when she’s sober she’s a great mom. Her attention was elsewhere, not for the kids,” said Cruz.

According to the police report, the children were taken to their grandmother’s house.


  • Alisa Willis

    Just curious dod your parents work ? Did they receive government assistance? It’s not the states job ie; us the taxpayer’s job to raise her kids? She needed birth control before having all these innocent babies. The worthless scumbag men too ! Those children,they are the only true victims here.

  • Danielle Chamberlain

    The crazy thing is I called children and youth when she was living with me and they found pot and mushrooms pipes and grinders and they told me they could do nothing. I AM THE ONLY ONE out of this scum works has kids 2 cars a house and pay my bills. The state pays for audrey amber and Denise who all are on drugs and yes my so called parents new all about this and did nothing they are all scammers .I have not bothered with any of them in years and all because I put my foot down told them all to go to hell your not gonna tell me how to raise my kid’s. And I called the state for me to get the kids so they can have a stable life.

    • Public Eddykashun

      yeah, yeah and you already posted this nonsense. i don’t think that anyone in this family could provide any child a stable life with all of the inconsistencies and terrible communication skills demonstrated. how come you didn’t talk to the news? too many beer cans in your trailer too?

  • Mountain city madness

    One good thing about Audrey having so many fatherless children is someday soon they can join up for the Coal Region #9 Jr. firefighter program. Those strange veterans are always looking to help out the young lads.

  • JP

    Mayne her father? No wait probably doesn’t know who he is
    Mother like daughters. She should of taught her to keep her legs shut.

  • life is choice

    choose to drink in front your kids, choose to neglect your kids, choose to be a bad parent, all falls on you….having little personal responsibility and living a degenerate lifestyle means her parents were probably not the best parents and maybe her friends were not the best of friends, but the choices fall on her and her only, too bad nobody good came in her life and too many bad people came in her life, doesn’t that seem to be what is socially acceptable?

    • Richard Steele

      There is no such thing as ‘choice’. ‘Free will’ is an illusion which makes people like you feel morally superior while judging others completely without empathy, which is why this country is broken.

      • Huh?

        RICHARD STEELE, there’s only so much “empathy” to be given, here. This woman chose to have a whole litter of children, has a family that couldn’t care any less about her OR the kids, and her own sister fluttered down from her FB page long enough to announce that the State should have done something. How much does empathy cost, I ask you?

        I have empathy for people who suffer through no fault of their own. I have compassion for people that make very stupid mistakes, but don’t confuse compassion with empathy. They are two vastly different processes, and the woman in question has made personal choices that have landed her, her children, and her family under the scrutiny of people who have chosen to make ……………………… wise …………………… decisions. Now, go forth, and Libtard no more.


        yes there is free will……but her poor education from her support group failed her and she learned very little in life it seems, to not be a proper parent, to break the law……but free will can go in any direction, free will can make you do very stupid things if you let it be done… know what is right and wrong is the choice…choose wisely….sometimes if you do not choose wisely then the choice comes to you and you have to enact on making a choice that “has to be done” and sadly not everybodies choices are wise choices

      • My Word

        @LIFEISCHOICE, perfectly articulated.

        Life isn’t warm-and-fuzzy, and when people do stupid things, they win stupid prizes. Now, this woman is going to have to work for a living, forego welfare, and make some very serious life choices. Or, not. Either way, she’s created her own mess. Tragic that kids were involved. Y’know, the kids? They don’t have a choice in whom they will be born to, or whether they will be born into a healthy, loving environment.

      • Public Eddykashun

        RICHARD STEELE, if this country is so broken, pack it up and head on out. What is lacking today are morals, values, and ethics, and these things are taught to be optional via social media, public schools, colleges/universities, and minority groups that are demanding preferential treatment when EQUALITY wasn’t good enough for them.

        Know what those tats are going to look like when you’re 65? They’re going to look like Picasso threw up all over you. Go find your moral compass you puling wretch.

  • Weirdos

    Wow, these Skook people are nuts! I get depressed everyday and feel the want to kill myself just from reading about their daily lives. Skuylkill county reminds of a place you’d see on Alfred Hitchcock.

  • dolphins4

    Typical Tamaqua. Tamaqua is such a scummy town, it has no jobs . The only type of people Tamaqua has is welfare recipients . Everyone that works around there lives in Hometown.

      • Joe Crea

        I dunno Wayne – that might be debatable. McAdoo and Shamokin and Minersville are healthily crappy too. And don’t forget some of those Wyoming Valley communities, ya’ll. Wilkes-Barre is like Mahanoy City x 10 with a Mall and Public Square. The only thing that maybe Ashland has is tube socks (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and some roamers.

      • skookamania2003

        Crea, There is nothing in mahanoy city nothing… but blighted rowhomes of nothingness, a few churches and bars, 5 volunteer fire companies and a dollar store! how can it be 10 x worse than WB.

  • whatsgoingon

    And what were YOU doing as your part to help your sister and the nieces/nephews OTHER than dumping them on their grandmother and/or the state? How exactly is the state supposed to “do their job?” Birth control is not a new concept no? The foster-care system failed them? Were they ever in foster-care? Did your mother have help with these kids? Foster-care parents are stretched to their limits too having to keep up with doc, dentist, psych appointments, family visits all the while being put under the microscope by the very same inept parents, and family members that couldn’t care for their own in the first place!!
    It’s not easy when you already “have a life,” a job, kids of your own, etc..but these aren’t over 18-ers with “issues,” these are babies and minors and must be attended to!

    • Amber

      My mother is a foster parent so she could have the kids. And she steps in every single time. They are fought for and always given back. No matter what the state gives them back. There is only so much a family can do if the state keeps returning them. So call me what you want or my family when you can sit on the sidelines and not know what’s done. You don’t know what’s it like to have to watch those kids go through this over and over. And it’s found in her favor all the time. If you have an issue take it up with children and youth in Pottsville. They always say there is no issue and make them kids go home.

    • My Word

      @AMBER. Naw, I take it up with the egg donor that birthed these poor kids. And, the family that allowed her to develop such depraved and greedy aspirations.

      If a person produces children, it is THEIR responsibility to put down the booze, put down the meth, put down the porn, and tend to those kids. Families have to take an active role in instilling these VALUES, or there becomes a burden upon society that is too great for others to bear.

      Your mother is a foster parent? Well, well, well……….not that it comes as any surprise. How much does she get from the State, each month? Is she fostering “special needs” kids to get that extra boost?! Does she WORK at a JOB while she’s fostering, or does she sit in front of her television watching Jerry Springer? And, how is it that SHE is a “foster parent” and is unable to gain custody of her own grandchildren when the biological egg donor is clearly UNFIT?

      Sad to say, Amber-dear, but I know a bit about Family Court AND “Da System,” and none of this adds up from your own written words. It’s all b.s.

    • Gimme Some Money

      Amber, if the nana took her grandkids in as a foster parent, she’d get paid by the State and get all of the benefits that her daughter is currently enjoying on the taxpayers’ dimes! WOW what a sweet deal! Welfare AND a State funded foster parent paycheck!!!

  • King Skook

    I wonder if she’d like to Netflix, and chill in my double wide? I got some Boilo, and 4LOKO. She can leave the kids with Ms. Cruz.

  • Foul Type

    Oh, Amber, PLEASE, keep trying to win this argument! Keep on going, honey, so you can demonstrate just how retarded you are! Keep on blaming everyone else. It’ll help your argument but it won’t un-retard your family.


      Tragically the same lame parent who raised this pos mother will probably raise these poor kids through kinship foster care! What a no win for these babies. Kinship care usually doesn’t benefit the kids because they’re stuck in that viscous cycle. I would venture to guess this worthless mom learned her welfare from her mom. Now that same mom aka gma will teach these kids the same.

  • Where My Check?

    AMBER, let’s get some things straight. The State isn’t responsible for your sister’s get. Noticeably, each child listed is neatly stacked to keep those welfare benefits rolling in since dear sister was 23. Ain’t no daddy mentioned here, and it appears that whomever “raised” the both of you had no home training. Get a job.

    • Give Me Aspirins

      How proud everyone must be to have this plastered on the news and on FB pages. It just goes to show how little the State and the taxpayers are doing to raise awareness of the Stupid Syndrome. Shame on us all for not doing more. Free booze? Will that help?

  • Soapy Bubble Beer Stein

    That’s right, filthy mouth narcissist. Your parents have everything to do with enabling their daughter in breeding neglected children, imbibing booze to the point of alcoholism, and miserably failing to teach Audrey OR you any morals or ethics. If they had been conscientious parents, you wouldn’t be a potty-mouthed tramp, and your sister(?) wouldn’t have developed into an alcoholic welfare breeder. Get YOUR sh*t straight, trash.

  • Minnesoda wikings

    Another welfare breeder. I beg to differ that she didn’t get it from her family. Prolly all on da welfare while we work our butts off. Maybe she should bring out her latent lesbianism.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      You’re right about the lezbo thing…it would save the taxpayers a fortune in white trash benefits.

  • JP

    Another breeder that is using our money for no good. 6 kids and probably 6 fathers, none of which are in the picture. Cut her tubes and stop the checks. Get sober and off your a** and work.

  • JJ

    They really interview the best people. Like the neighbor and father of 5 who has pending charges for a house fire while he was admittedly high on meth.,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Sad Times

    What is sad, is some Women who want to be Mother’s so badly, cannot conceive or are Barren, and other Moms given droves of kids, and they could care less about the Blessing of Motherhood – I just don’t get this planet

    • The Peeps

      Mothers is plural not possessive. Also, couldn’t care less. But yes, those who want them sometimes have to adopt. I say we all should stop breeding and more people should look into adoption. This woman is disgusting.

  • Scanning Darkly

    I’m just waiting for the flood of “friends” from this b*t^$#’s social media list to barrage this comment section with accolades of what a GOOD MOTHER she is. Oh, dear Lord, she’s even sporting a cross on her bosom for her “I’m-hot-especially-when-I’m-passed-out” selfie for her nasty social media profile.

    Why were these kids taken to the grandmother’s house? Surely, granny is well aware of the boozer’s problems and is probably the example that the drunk mother followed. This isn’t something that just happens, one day. This gal’s been boozing since she was in her early teens, I will be a year’s salary on it. These kids need to be in a stable, caring, loving, and nurturing environment. Not from the fire into the frying pan with granny!!!

      • Scanning Darkly

        You better believe she’ll get pregnant every time one of her kids turns 5 – that’s when the heavy-duty WIC benefits and cash assistance gets cut off, so they have to keep squeezing those pups out to keep squeezing the system for money, benefits, food, housing, utilities, medical care, dental care, etc. There are senior citizens that deserve these benefits FAR more than this nasssssssssssty piece of work does.

      • Where My check?

        Oh yeah she will keep popping out babies until her ovaries turn into raisins. I mean, what? She’s expected to work or something? The State is supposed to take care of her and her kids. What a horror for these kids, too – imagine how this skank is blowing up social media. She just wants her benefits.

  • seen it all

    But she’s popular at the bar , A proud alkie at 35 , Now just get SSI cause your “addicted”and the state can also foot the bill on your spawn ( whose chance of alcoholism is greater ) If the state would’ve just waited till the kids welfare cash ran out she would have been a good mom again? She’s a NEPA parent award winner !

    • Wunderphil

      She’s already getting SSI and welfare! How much more you want to give her? Fortunately she’s not far from passing that last egg!

  • laura

    so the neighbor, jennifer cruz couldn’t be bothered with calling children and youth or the police when the kids are left alone or for the things she “hears” but could get off her butt to be interviewed for the news? she admits to knowing the conditions and doing nothing – she should be charged as well

    • Markie Dark

      The neighbor was likely a drinking buddy or drug source.

      It’s amazing to me that you need to have a license to drive a car, fly a plane, own a business, run a kennel, or operate heavy equipment, but anyone can breed. “Hot,” someone wrote? Yeah, until she’s vomited in the sink, pissed the sofa, and given someone else a case of herpes.

  • joe

    “The kids would come down, knock on my door, say mom is drunk and passed out again. They need help. I would take them in for a little bit until she would wake up again,” said Jennifer Cruz.

    This retard should be arrested for not calling the cops the FIRST TIME this happened.

    • katieo14

      Only someone who is not educated, and does not have a good argument, has to call names…Why offend anyone else??..get educated and make your point like a reason to offend someone with a mentally retarded child that they love

      • Scanning Darkly

        Aw, KATIE014, did someone hurt your fragile little feelings? Well, get over yourself, little girl. Life is tough and there are NO PRIZES for whiners, regardless of what your social studies teacher has told you or your softball coach has said.

        The word, “retarded,” is applicable because the definition of the word is as follows:

        : slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development : characterized by mental retardation

      • typical wnep commenter

        Republicans always seem like miserable people. I think I will register Democrat for 2020. Oprah 2020, here we come!!

      • My Word

        @KATIE014, I find it interesting that you’ve been posting about tolerance and all of your general and meaningless alt-left slogans, and then have the raw nerve to simply assume that people who are posting rightly-earned negative comments are somehow affiliated with a political party.

        Politics has nothing to do with “doing the right thing,” you latte-sipping, FB posting, libtard smart-phone zombie. Before you were even a gleam in the eye of your sperm donor, there were things called “values,” and one of the greatest ones for women was that she could be the town slut, but the moment she became an unwed, single mother, she was shunned. Now, single parenthood is celebrated as some sort of decision in brilliance, and this woman in the article is a prime example of what happens when DEMONCRAPS run the show and give away the hard-earned income of the taxpayers.

        Melt away you retarded snowflake.

      • My Word

        correction: @TYPICAL WNEP COMMENTER, not KATIE014.

        @TYPICAL, you realize that WNEP is an affiliate of CNN, right? You know, the network that staged a “live rescue” featuring a reporter that saved the day? Yeah.

    • Danielle Chamberlain

      The crazy thing is I called children and youth when she was living with me and they found pot and mushrooms pipes and grinders and they told me they could do nothing. I AM THE ONLY ONE out of this scum works has kids 2 cars a house and pay my bills. The state pays for audrey amber and Denise who all are on drugs and yes my so called parents new all about this and did nothing they are all scammers .I have not bothered with any of them in years and all because I put my foot down told them all to go to hell your not gonna tell me how to raise my kid’s. And I called the state for me to get the kids so they can have a stable life.

      • Down on the wharf

        Intriguing that there is “….ONLY ONE…..” of this group that claims to be paying their own way. How come it is that the YOU weren’t interviewed for this story, “Danielle?” If you have so much access to information and evidence of neglect and “scams,” why haven’t any other charges been leveled, particularly against a proclaimed “foster parent” that is assumed to receive State endorsed paychecks and welfare benefits for the fostered children?

        This whole situation smells like week old fish. One person gets charged with neglect while another crawls out of her smart phone to defend the whole family, while there is no mention of ANY father(s) of ANY of these children, and the granny is declared a “foster parent” while yet another sibling crawls out from beneath her rock to proclaim herself as the “only one” who has done anything positive. WEEK OLD FISH, it smells like.

      • Danielle Chamberlain

        You can say what you want about me I have all the proff like I said I don’t talk to my parents have not in years .if people did there job the kids would be safe.

      • Surely, you jest

        Nope. If people had morals, values, and ethics, those children would have been raised in a healthy, loving environment instead of a Jerry Springer Special.

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