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Thief Steals Cash Register from Schuylkill County Business

FRACKVILLE -- A thief was caught on camera in Schuylkill County.

Police say the thief ran into The Quart House on South Lehigh Avenue in Frackville around 9:30 p.m. Saturday and grabbed the cash register off the counter.

Investigators believe the man drove off in a Dodge Stratus or Intrepid.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police in Frackville at 570-874-2040.


  • Huggy

    He probably made off with enough money to attend the upcoming fireman’s ball at the Goodwill Firehall. Only Frackville’s finest attending

  • Sexcrawfish

    Any millenials flocking to Frackville for hiking in the vo tech woods? Or maybe for the good conversation at borough council meetings there? Good faces in peculiar places


    snazzy area, sedco is making dreams come true in the skook. hopefully this will reduce the crime rate and drug and alcohol abuse in the greater frackville area.

  • Berniesanderssupporter

    This place is real close to the vo tech woods and Penn alley . Could be one of those infamous pedo street roamers who beat feet on back alleys. The mall closed lots of bored fracks looking for drug cash.

    • WAYNE S

      Lots of common fashion trends in this snazzy area. I bet you bottom dollar that long grey socks, a stained psu starter jacket and dirty used navy jogging pants with Velcro shoes probably might be featured on the perp; as there was no description given in the article.

      • Joe Crea

        I kind of thinktube socks can be attractive on guys that wears short shorts. They always say things always come back around. They looked pretty cool back in the day, so it stands to reason that they’d look good today. As for roaming the streets around Vo-tech – what about the people who live in tents in the wooded cloverleaf’s at I-81 and PA 61.
        Wayne – I think you oughta take it easy on what you think are roamers. You wouldn’tmake fun of someone because they are retarded, would you?

      • WAYNE S

        This is a very complex issue Mr Crea, It has sociologists baffled. Some of the street roamers are not retarded.
        There is some that might meet that critera but not all. They just like beating feet in back alleys in frackville and surrounding areas. For reasons unknown. But some might have a hidden agenda kind of like Mr G. Sandusky and Mr. Bill Cosby.

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