University of Scranton Student Visiting Hawaii Still Shaken from False Missile Alert

HONOLULU -- A false alert went out in Hawaii Saturday morning, warning of an imminent missile attack.

A young woman from Scranton is still shaken after getting that warning while visiting Hawaii.

Stephanie Lepka was on an Army base with her aunt and two young cousins. All were scared for their lives. Then they found out it was all a false alarm.

"It was a crazy, crazy morning. It happened when I woke up, one way to get out of bed," Lepka said.

The alarms on their phones contained the message: "Missile threat inbound. Seek shelter. Not a drill."

"The first thing that goes through your head is we're going to die. We didn't know what to think."

Lepka and her family were inside a hotel at an Army base. They got between the bed and the wall, prepared to pull the mattress over them if something happened.

Nothing did. Half hour later they found out it was a false alarm.

"To go right to ballistic missile, how does a mistake like that happen? To go to most extreme, it's mind-boggling."

Mistake or not, the 18-year-old University of Scranton student is shaken, angry over the unnecessary panic from a false alarm.

"I'm still shaken from it. Wow, that actually happened. That's crazy."

Lepka will be in Hawaii for a couple more weeks until she comes home for her spring semester at the University of Scranton--with quite the story to tell her friends.


  • Roflmao

    They live on a island that has been stolen from the indigenous people (really! check it for yourself), run by dims for nearly 70 years. It’s like Australia for marsupials, only these are highly evolved Dims. They don’t know if they are running to missiles or away from the missiles. They just run. Roflmao!

  • Writer Girl

    Be glad it wasn’t real and get over yourself, as it very well could be real, the way the world is today. But keep voting for Democrats, listening to liberals and progressives and worrying about stupid things like people making a mistake and things will all be better for you and your children. Wise up, girl.

  • Freebee on Uncle Sam?

    Can I stay at the hotel on the army base in Hawaii? Is this option open to everyone? Quite a break for a college student! What gives? Bilking the taxpayer for a Hawaiin vacation? How do I cash in on this?

  • Rob

    Like I wonder like what her major is like sociology or like liberal arts? L
    ike she’ll be saying like do you want like your coffee with like sugar or like cream

    • Duck And Cover

      Like no, dude. Like when I like have coffee, I like add sugar and soy milk because like it’s like cruelty free, like, yeah.

    • Check History

      I’m just weeping as I read this horrific story. Poor fragile thing, her constitution must be mighty brittle to not just say, “WOW, what a scare! Hey! Wanna hear about my adventure?!”

      Bunch of snowflakes.

  • John

    Like…like…like…learn to put a sentence together. I’m sure all your job interviews will go great prefacing your sentences with the word like. Keep studying!

  • Can't win!

    I’m glad I wasn’t there. I would have grabbed the first woman (or guy) I seen and started to make slam slam love to her (or him). Then layer find out it was a false alarm and have to go to prison for a long time.

  • Sharp Object

    This is almost laughable. WNEP seeks out people, to find out how a mistake in Hawaii affects NEPA. Really? What a bunch of crying attention seekers. And this wing nut girl feeds right into it. It’s a crazy world out there tinker bell, toughen up.

    • Givemeabreak

      They are doing it because it’s a click bait story. Look at the little college liberal all upset. Plays to this audience here and you fed right into it.
      Don’t be too hard on her either, I bet you would have wet yourself. It’s very abstract when your here in PA with no sirens going off.

      • Check History

        I’ve heard the tsunami sirens in Hawaii when I lived there. I heard nuclear plant test warnings. I’ve even heard emergency vehicle sirens, and that’s not what “trauma” really is.

        This little girl needs to grow up or go find her “safe space” where nothing can harm her.

        See? This is what all of this feel-good-everyone-gets-a-trophy world creates!

      • Givemeabreak

        I find it funny that somehow you experiencing sunami and nuclear test warnings is equal to getting a message on your phone of a missile attack in an area where there have been talks of missiles reaching. I guess you would have sat there calmly, not concerned at all about your well being or your family’s since you won a trophy once. I have no idea what a trophy has to do with an incoming missile and whether you’re scared or not. Is that just to make yourself seem more important?

      • Duck And Cover

        Give EVERYONE a break, why don’t you? A missile warning over the phone and that’s supposed to do what, ass-butt? Give me enough time to make my Peace before I’m vaporized? Godalmighty……………. By the time I processed the message and posted onto FB, I would be a pile of carbon. Idiot

  • Wunderphil

    People make mistakes young lady . Look they voted Obama in to office! Now they think Oprah will make a president lmao ! See people make mistakes!

  • barb

    Get back to studying little lady and dont be crying about a system that is designed to save lives.
    Sounds like you are looking for a windfall lawsuit, pay more attention to your classes.

  • Runforcover

    The president has nothing to do with it. we have been hated for years by other countries. I don’t get why everyone is whining be glad there is an alert system in place especially on your telephone that your face is probably glued to anyway

  • John M

    Way too much whining and drama over this. My only question is, did these people wake up and make a plan? You got 10 minutes to decide.

    • Wunderphil

      You have 10 minutes to plan a nuke is hitting your island you might as well put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye!

  • learn something. anything.

    Once again trump shows how he has taken this country back 50 years to where we have to actually truly consider the possibility again of being attacked. Thanks toddler-in-chief!. Job well done! Now go back to your Fox TV News for Kids and eat your Happy Meals… Since he’s allowed the KGB full access to the Oval Office and he is fully controlled by our greatest threat, Russia, don’t be surprised when we push a button and they’ve hacked our systems so that all that comes out is a flag with “bang!” written on it. Scary.

    • Your dumb as a box of ROCKS

      LEARN SOMETHING. ANYTHING this has to be the stupidest comment I have ever read . Apparently you do not know you’re history .What did your buddy Clinton give your Supreme Leader during his 8 yr term and now you automatically turn it to the current presidents fault who’s dealing with this problem that people you voted for created .If anything this should be a wake up call to how serious this problem is and needs dealt with . Also shouldn’t you be questioning who sent our the alarm . This could have caused a response from the U.S ‘s side which would be very bad for North Korea .You should look at the big picture before showing the world your ignorance . PS wait 10 to 20 years to see the results of your buddy Obama giving Iran all that money who are you going to blame then ?

    • Wunderphil

      And where’s those 33,000 emails that Hillary jeopardized our country’s security with? You snowflakes who bash Trump are your own worst enemy! Ironic that Hawaii is a Demorats playground!

      • Jd

        Wunderphil: not to worry. Some of those emails showed up on human abedin’s laptop as well as her hotdog husband’s laptop. JW is looking into it.

    • Get over it snowflake

      My god, you are an idiot! I guess 9/11 was Trump’s fault too! I guess North Korea made 20 years of missile technology advancement since November! This was developed under your hero Obomination’s watch and he did nothing to stop it!

    • Writer Girl

      You should take your own advice and learn something, anything. Trump has been in office for only a little over a year. How is he responsible for nukes or human error?

    • Sue

      In this particular case I agree with you. An “intentional” mistake in an attempt to make the president look bad.


    Aw, did they scare you? Angry over unnecessary panic? This is reality sweetheart, always be prepared for the worst and count your blessings in the meantime.

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