Looking for An Answer to Addiction

WILKES-BARRE -- Addiction and recovery were the topics at a town hall in Wilkes-Barre.

Addiction counselors, former addicts, and people from treatment centers provided tips on how to overcome addiction.

The discussion, called "Breaking the Cycle," was held at Burke Auditorium on the campus of King's College.

Blueprints for Addiction Recovery sponsored the town hall. Organizers say their message is a simple one: that recovery from addiction is possible.

"It was amazing because this is our first event and it snowed this morning, so a lot of people I'm sure were tempted to stay in bed and not come out to discuss addiction and not discuss recovery, but a lot of people in Wilkes-Barre stepped up and came out and joined us," said Christopher Dreisbach with Blueprints for Addiction Recovery.

The next Blueprints for Addiction Recovery town hall in our area is scheduled for April 21 at St. Mary's Center in Scranton.


  • Fredric

    IF You want to stop drugs, chase the money. Banks and others we trust are moving around.

    Read “DOPE Inc.” It will open your eyes. Marijuana is the largest crop nationwide.

    The “war on drugs” is a farce as we can’t afford to win it.

  • Wunderphil

    Addiction is just an excuse these people are using for their laziness! It can be traced generations back!

  • Y'wantsum?

    Here we go……….people who are addicts have multiple personality/mental/behavioral disorders and the addiction(s) are simply a SYMPTOM of deeper issues. That’s the answer.

    Stop treating addicts like wayward waifs, particularly the ones who are legal adults!!! Rehab does not work. Court-ordered NarcAnon and AA meetings DO NOT WORK. The only thing that “works” is the addict owning their issues an managing those issues on a day-to-day basis. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

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