Check River, Stream Levels Near You

Workers Checking Flood Gates, Drains in Lycoming County

WILLIAMSPORT -- Workers in one part of Lycoming County have spent the past few days preparing in case of flooding from rain and thawing snow.

This drastic jump in temperature can cause ice buildup in small streams which can cause flooding.

Workers in Williamsport don't expect the area to flood but they're preparing just in case.

As foreman for Williamsport flood control department, Steven Mundrick is used to standing out in the rain, but he doesn't usually check the large flap gates the second week of January. These large pipes allow stormwater from the city to flow into the Susquehanna River.

Mundrick tells us normally at this time of the year, it's not a problem.

"Everything is froze up. We don't have this 60 degree temperature plus an inch and a half two inches of rain."

City workers were out clearing catch basins of ice and checking pump stations before the expected storm this weekend.

"Here it's more checking your power and bump-starting your pumps. Come do a pre-test so you know you're ready to go," Mundrick said.

According to Emergency Management, Lycoming County is under a flood watch until Saturday night.

"River forecast is for 11.6 feet," Mundrick said.

Mundrick says that's enough water that the city will have to use some of its pump stations, but the real concern for flooding will be near small streams and creeks.

EMA workers tell Newswatch 16 they are monitoring Lycoming Creek and Muncy Creek in case there is an ice jam.

"On a smaller creek, it's more likely to go over the banks. Especially at a bridge crossing or at a road crossing that could be detrimental," Mundrick added.

Get the latest forecast, river levels, interactive radar, and more from the Stormtracker 16 team.

Emergency officials in Bradford County are also keeping a close eye on river levels.

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  • Always Fear the Ice

    Flood of Jan 96 ….. Snow, Ice, Bitter Arctic Freeze, then Freak Rapid Thaw = Ice Jam Dams ! = FLOOD if to much rain on Top ! Keep your eye on this everyone, and hopefully a nice gradual Thaw before next big Rain, or I fear BAD FLOODING at some point in near future !

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