Water Gushes from Scranton Building after Broken Pipe

SCRANTON -- Crews responded to building in Scranton that had water flowing out of it Friday morning.

Water was rushing out of the former Pennswood Manor assisted living center in the 900 block of Cedar Avenue.

The fire department says a broken pipe is to blame.

The assistant fire chief tells Newswatch 16 they have received numerous calls about water problems at homes and businesses caused by the sudden thaw after freezing temperatures in our area.


  • Rosa A Bermudez

    In regards to the pipe burst in Honesdale,Briarwood apts., the “perfect tenant ” Dorean Davis, whose leased expired 12-31-2017 has NOT returned her keys as of 1-12-2018 and by the way she still owes portion of her Oct. 2017 rent, DID NOT PAY NOV. 2017 and Dec. 2017 rent (her portion is $129.00 per month), and let me mention that she was late on her rent the majority of the time is trespassing my property. Her health assistant , Janet, was a witness to the many times I knocked on her door(after the 5th of every month) for the rent, so I don’t understand why she is saying the nonsense that she is saying. I received a rental application for Ms. Davis in which the agency wanted feedbacks in regards to how she was as a tenant. The thing is Ms. Davis put another person’s name as her lanlord, not mine, I guess the agency through public records found out who was her landlord and contacted me. If she is such a model tenant why wouldn’t she want them to call me?

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