Tale Of Two Temperatures In 24 Hours

LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Friday’s unseasonably warm weather is coming to an abrupt end.

While temperatures were in the 60's in Lackawanna County, those digits are expected to do a 180 by morning.

Call it the tale of two temperatures in 24 hours.

Friday's muggy, rainy weather saw digits up into the 60's, keeping ice skaters off the slightly melted pond at Hillside Park near Clarks Summit.

Some say that's not good for January.

“What happens is it'll lull you into a false sense of security,” said Charles Smith of Scranton. “People start taking off their clothes and tomorrow everybody's going to be sick because the temperature's going to drop tonight by what, 50 degrees?”

That's right, it will be back to January weather on Saturday with temperatures expected to be in the teens and twenties.

All the rain and melted snow are expected to freeze and folks are not looking forward to having to get around.

“Tomorrow, because I have to go to work tomorrow, so yeah, in a way, freezing them up, that time in the morning, they'll be frozen up and everything like that, so yeah,” said Ed Shine of Scranton.

“That stuff going to freeze up like a champ and you got to be out there driving very carefully,” said Shine’s wife, Adrienne. “Some of the times you don't even see the slick ice, that real shiny ice, you don't see that slick ice that's out there, that's it.”

“If they don't get out here and salt the streets or whatever they do, tomorrow morning's going to be crazy, cars will be sliding all over the place,” said Smith. “I mean I have to take {Interstates} 81 to 380 to get to my job, so.”

PennDOT says it has a game plan in place for the icy turnover.

“They're doing something a little different this time,” said PennDOT spokesperson Michael Taluto. “They're making sure all their equipment is working. They're not putting anything down on the roads now because the rain will wash it away. They're also bringing them in at midnight, for the midnight shift and they're staging equipment along the routes, that they'll be ready when the change occurs.”

The Lackawanna County Emergency Management Agency said it watched the river during today's rainfall and only saw a slight increase in water levels.

It will monitor the river through the weekend looking for any ice jams.

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  • Fredric

    On Earth Day, 23 April 1970 (?), the environmentalists were warning of global freezing which was then changed to Global Warming with was changed to …… maybe they had it correct the first time.

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