Scranton Police Seek Robbers after Two Holdups this Week

SCRANTON -- Police are looking for the robber who entered a gas station, beat the clerk, and then ran away with money in Scranton. This is the second time this week the same gas station was robbed.

The E-Fuel gas station on Pittston Avenue is open again after being robbed twice in one week. The first happened Tuesday and, on top of Thursday night's holdup, employees are scared.

"It's not really safe to stay and here and live in here and run the business in this condition. It's not really good to run a business in this area," said Ivan Biksay.

Police say a masked man walked into that E-Fuel on Pittston Avenue and demanded money. He walked around the counter and started beating the clerk before escaping on foot with an undisclosed amount of money

Sanjay Singh tells Newswatch 16 his brother was working in the store during Thursday night's holdup. His brother is OK and only has minor injuries but Singh worries about his brother's safety

"A lot of people come after 7 p.m. after 8 p.m. a lot of people come with a gun."

After being robbed several times in the past decade, the store has added surveillance cameras. Even that hasn't deterred would-be robbers.

"It seems like nobody cares about the camera system," Biksay said. "I don't know, they came with a mask, some people come without mask."

Loyal customers say this part of Scranton is changing and it might be time for E-Fuel to fight back.

"They have to get guns, too," said Frank Musso. "You've got to shoot back. That's the problem; when they know there is somebody in here with a gun, they aren't going to come in here."

police are still looking for whoever robbed the E-Fuel gas station on Pittston Avenue Tuesday and Thursday.


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