In Towanda, Eyes To Sky and River As Storm and Cold Loom

TOWANDA -- Friday was a day of record-breaking temperatures near 60 degrees, even after sundown in Towanda.

“It's so much nicer than what we had for the last 3 weeks,” said Dale Cole of Towanda.

In less than 24 hours, temperatures are expected to tumble and a winter storm looms.

Depending on how it moves, Towanda could be blanketed with 5 inches or more.

"Seems like we're in a position here where you never know how it's gonna go, it'll be ice, it'll be snow and then we may not get anything too. It's just how it sets down here in this valley,” said Cole.

Snow is only the start, there is bone-chilling cold in the forecast, too.

Emergency officials have their eyes on the Susquehanna River, too, for fear of ice jams.

What's melted in that 60 degree weather will soon be icy, making for slippery roadways and sidewalks.

"For those people who need to get to wherever they need to go, by vehicle, it's possibly going to be a huge problem for them with snow and ice probably, a lot of ice. We're holding a play this weekend and it's going to destroy, I'm afraid, Saturday night's performance,” said Judy Campbell of Towanda.

"It's gonna come, we're just gonna have to put up with it, I mean that's part of life, you know,” said Alberta Mitchell of Towanda.

Bradford County officials say if they need to alert anyone to dangerous conditions, they will use their Red Alert communication system to contact people by phone.