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Warm Weather Has People Out And About

HONESDALE -- Traveling to the post office or taking the dog out for a stroll in Honesdale -- melting snow and a thermometer reading in the double digits had people out and about.

Liz Gregory was taking Lincoln, her dog, for a walk down Main Street. Last week's weather was too cold for the pair in Wayne County.

“What a relief! Just such cabin fever and it's nice to be out and it really helps the economy when the weather breaks like this, even skiing was down, I heard, a lot of places, so it'll be great for them as well,” said Liz Gregory.

One of those businesses benefiting from the nice weather was Sawmill Cycles. Using snow tires or riding indoors, there's just no weather condition that will stop them from riding.

“We try to keep people riding but we keep them indoors, we use trainers, a small device you can mount your bike off the ground to create a resistance unit,” said Jeffrey Mclain

After the temperature being so up and down, the nice weather gave people the chance to go out and play or prepare for the wintry weather.

At R3 Hardware on Main Street, employees have been busy selling and installing generators.

“The unpredictable weather has made people get a generator, especially with the weather changing this weekend. We have an ice storm and people are afraid of losing power,” said Christine Langone.


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