Walmart Raising Its Minimum Wage, Will Assist Employees With Adoption Expenses

A beauty shot outside an unidentified Walmart Supercenter

Bentonville, AR — Walmart is raising its minimum wage and handing out tax cut bonuses because of the new Republican tax law.

The retail company said the wage hike to $11 an hour would roll out in February. Employees are also getting a one-time bonus of up to $1,000.

Walmart previously raised its minimum pay for most employees to $10 an hour in 2015. As of December, the average pay for full-time workers was $13 an hour.

“Today, we are building on investments we’ve been making in associates, in their wages and skills development,” Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon said in a news release. “It’s our people who make the difference and we appreciate how they work hard to make every day easier for busy families.”

He added that “tax reform gives us the opportunity to be more competitive globally and to accelerate plans for the U.S.”

The bonus amount will be based on length of service, according to the company. Workers who’ve been there for at least 20 years will get the full $1,000.

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Because of the tax reform law, Walmart says it’s also creating a new benefit to assist associates with adoption expenses. The benefit, which will be available to full-time hourly and salaried workers, will total $5,000 per child.

The company, which is the nation’s largest private-sector employer, said it’s also expanding its parental and maternity leave policy. Full-time hourly workers in the United States will get 10 weeks of paid maternity leave and six weeks of paid parental leave.

The changes affect more than 1 million hourly associates.

“Thanks to the passage of historic tax cuts, American workers and their families are winning!” tweeted Ivanka Trump, the White House senior adviser and daughter of President Trump.

McMillon also said the company is “early in the stages of assessing the opportunities” that tax reform creates for Walmart. The company said it will share further details when it releases quarterly results next month.


  • Highwaymen

    This company is all about the share holders, which is cool if you’re wicked. Buy their stocks and hold onto them for years to see enough return, but they are running out of a tangible workforce, which they don’t understand while they promise dollars. I say, “Thank goodness for Sam Walton because this is the only way that truth and ethics will eventually tear down false monopolies”. They are going full Ouroboros before July 19, 2019 when we start getting Trader Joes replacing Aldi’s in the area. It is easy to see coming.

  • Jd

    Raising their minimum wage, but, wait for it…..wait for it… How many current employees have… Had their hours CUT?

  • The Peeps

    “‘Walmart has made similar announcements in the recent past … even when no tax reform could have affected its decision,’ said Gary Burtless, an economist with the Brookings Institution.”

    “The goodwill generated by that announcement, however, was quickly dampened by reports that Walmart would be closing 63 Sam’s Club stores across the country — some with no advance notice. ”


    • The Peeps

      Funny, and anecdotal evidence, but I personally know of at least 3 people who worked at Walmart while in college, so that they could begin paying for it while having flexible work hours. Two of those people were in the healthcare field, and one was a physics major.

  • Maddog

    Good job Mr President Trump even Wallyworld is kneeling for the big event, it’s called making America great again.
    Just admit it we are winning AGAIN!

  • Writer Girl

    Good for them. It’s about time wages went up, especially in retail. Instead of adoption assistance, I would concentrate on health insurance.

  • The Peeps

    CEO could have cut his own earnings by $1 billion and paid the workers the same. Anywho, at least they are trying. Still a trash company.

    • Why not?

      Minors manufacture a large portion of the products sold at Walmart. Makes perfect sense they’d finally stoop to selling their overseas workforce.

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