Shining a Light on Energy Savings

SUNBURY -- On weekday afternoons during the winter, the Sunbury Ice Skating Rink is open to the public. People like John Troxell of Northumberland practice their moves.

"I was skating here before we had the roof on before we had the sides on," Troxell said.

As a member of the Susquehanna Valley Figure Skating Club, Troxell is familiar with this rink. One thing he notices is the old lighting.

"It's very industrial. It almost has sort of an odd look," Troxell said.

"We have flickering going on, we have lights that need repaired. The light bulbs are hard to find," Tammy Forbes said.

But that could soon change. The Sunbury Ice Skating rink is in competition to win a $50,000 LED lighting package.

"It's through Ephesus Lighting and AHL Hockey are promoting it. We are one of the 33 in the first round," Forbes said.

The online contest includes two ice skating rinks from our area, this one and the Toyota Sportsplex in Wilkes Barre.

Rink Manager Tammy Forbes tells Newswatch 16, Sunbury taxpayers would save up to 75% in energy costs by switching to LED lighting.

"With the new LED it will take the light bill down tremendous, a big deal," Forbes said.

Normally, it would cost around $50,000 to make the switch to LED lighting. Forbes says it is much needed.

"Bucknell and Susquehanna both practice here. We have a stampede youth hockey program, we have a men's hockey league," Forbes said.

To vote for either Sunbury's or Wilkes Barre's ice rinks, click here.